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Generate Healthy Revenue Growth with PROS for Healthcare

With growing buyer scrutiny and government regulations in the healthcare industry, turning the mountains of data you’ve collected into an asset that helps you adapt to an increasing commercial and government buyer focus on product efficacy and price is critical to maintaining growth. Outperforming companies turn to PROS to help them compete and win in the face of new government regulations and changing medical trends. With PROS modern commerce solutions, these outperformers align supply, demand and pricing decisions to realize revenue growth and profitability potential.




Success Story

McKesson Medical-Surgical Primary Care Improved Pricing and Insight Generated Millions in Gross Profits


The oldest and largest health care services company in the US with $190 billion in revenue


A changing health care landscape, along with an increasing shift of customers to online channels, created a need for modernized solutions that could provide competitive, marketrelevant pricing across 2.5 billion buying combinations.


Outperformers Use PROS to Expand and Sustain Profitability

How do you account for current and impending government regulations? Are you able to identify and correct your underperforming products and customers? Is your pricing strategy sound enough to capture the value you provide your customers? Outperformers rely on PROS’ prescriptive analytics and data science to modernize their business processes to achieve material and measurable business impact.

What can you do with PROS Profit Realization Solutions for the Healthcare Industry?

  • Gain visibility into customer buying behaviors and price rationality so that you can align pricing and supply decisions to realize your true revenue growth and profitability potential.
  • Empower sales teams with dynamic data-driven guidance that enables faster and more confident decision making.
  • Amplify the power of your existing CRM solution with guided product selection and configuration, quick quoting, and proposal generation.



Reverse Price Erosion by Walking Away from Bad Deals


Don’t settle for 3-5% price erosion every year. Take back control when it comes to pricing and selling value.


McKesson & PROS


Peter Barr speaks about the challenges that led McKesson to PROS, the solutions implemented and the results achieved.


Modern Commerce for Healthcare


Dynamic pricing is the way of the future in the healthcare industry - don’t get left behind.



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