About PROS

Powering the Shift to Modern Commerce

PROS is a cloud software company that helps competitive enterprises create a frictionless and personalized buying experience for customers. Fueled by dynamic pricing science and machine learning, PROS solutions make it possible for companies to price, configure and sell their products and services with speed, precision and consistency in an omnichannel environment.

In a world where the customer is in control and fully informed, the PROS algorithmic approach to generating personalized, dynamic offers and pricing at the right time is the essential component for every leader shifting to a modern commerce strategy. Enterprises have relied on PROS for decades to win more deals; get to market faster; gain an unfair advantage; shape customer demand and create a superior customer experience.

Our customers, who are leaders in their markets, benefit from decades of data science expertise infused into our industry solutions. PROS drives hundreds of millions of prices and billions of forecasts every day in our cloud environment for enterprises across more than 30 industries.

“This is a company clearly on a trajectory upward. It shows itself in their awards won, their employees, their revenue increase, and their increase in impact.”

Paul Greenberg “CRM Watchlist 2014 Winners” ZDNet

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