Superior Technology

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PROS solutions are architected on the most powerful and flexible technology in the market, allowing you to deploy a single global instance to support your entire business, configure the solution to meet your needs without any custom coding, and deploy on your preferred database. All of this results in a higher ROI, faster time-to-value, and a lower total cost-of-ownership than any other solution in the market.

What else does PROS offer that no other vendor can?

img-pros-difference-one-instanceOne instance supports your entire business. Globally.

Deploying more than one software instance to support your regions and product lines drives up cost and complexity in your business. Only PROS lets you deploy one instance, one system, and multiple waterfalls to support your entire business, complete with support for multiple currencies, units of measure and languages.


We’re easier to implement, update, and support

No custom code is required
Unlike other solutions that are compiled, PROS is a data-driven, configured application. That means no software development experience (or budget) is required to implement PROS, period. Users can easily configure their own analytics and views of price lists, price management, and pricing methods without paying for high-priced consultants.

Our upgrades are quicker and easier.
95% of our customers upgraded in the last three years—often completing in just 48 hours or less. Other vendors can require millions of dollars in custom configurations to successfully upgrade.

Our customers have smaller support teams
In fact, most customers use shared IT resources to administer our technology rather than having an IT staff dedicated to the PROS solution. Contrast this with other vendors, who, in some cases, have as many 80 people dedicated to supporting their application.

Pick your preferred database—PROS works with itsuperior technology

Many vendors box you in to deploying on their preferred database. Not PROS. Our partnerships with SAP, Microsoft and Oracle mean you can use the database you prefer, with full confidence in our technology and expertise.

Nobody works better with SAP

In fact, more than half of our customers run SAP solutions. Over the past seven years, we’ve made sure they always have the best, most complete SAP integration experience available.

  • PROS is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program.
  • We’ve earned certification under the “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” program.
  • As a member of the SAP HANA OEM partner program, we’ve also earned certification of our pricing solutions, in anticipation of our customers adopting this new platform.
  • On October 30, 2013, PROS received notification that we had achieved “Powered by HANA” certification.

We’re great with Microsoft and Oracle, too

Unlike other solutions, PROS enables customers who prefer Microsoft to deploy on SQL Server. In fact, Microsoft named PROS their Application Partner of the Year for 2013, further validating the strength of our integration and partnership.

Prefer Oracle instead? PROS is an experienced, gold-level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and fully certified for integration into the Oracle eBusiness Suite. We’re also an active member of the Oracle Multi-Vendor Support Program (MVSP), an alliance of Oracle vendors that provide coordinated support between Oracle and its partners.