Pricing Guidance

Provide A Personalized Omnichannel Experience With Real-Time Dynamic Pricing Science

Prescriptive Price Guidance to Maximize Value on Every Sale

With PROS Guidance, empower your sales team with price recommendations based on Dynamic Pricing Science that identifies customer-specific willingness-to-pay. Generate the right offer at the right customer moment. PROS Guidance empowers sales teams to know when to hold the line on discounting during tough negotiations so they realize maximum value on every deal. PROS market-based insights provide real-time algorithmic price recommendations based on customer buying patterns so companies can ensure speed, precision, transparency and consistency across all sales channels.

Use Price Guidance to Realize More Profit

With PROS Guidance, deliver up to 100 – 300 basis points of margin improvement by closing more of the right deals with speed, precision and consistency. Build the right quote with the winning price the first time through easy integration between PROS prescriptive guidance and your quoting tools. Empower the sales team with floor, target and expert data science-driven price recommendations, so they know what customers are willing to pay.

Industry specific design implemented in as little as 90 days

Time is the new currency.

Today’s B2B buyers expect the buying experience to be as good as or better than their B2C experiences. They want information transparency for quick access to the information they need. As CEB research shows, at least 57% of the purchase decision is already made before they engage a sales rep. In this environment, being first to respond with a quote is an advantage. Enable your sales team to be first with pricing tailored for that product, for that customer, at that time. That’s PROS Guidance – powering modern commerce with dynamic pricing science.

50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first. 

Dynamic pricing science is the new strategic competitive lever essential for modern commerce

PROS Guidance uses dynamic pricing science and machine learning to provide an easy, simple, transparent personalized buying experience across sales channels. The science-based pricing is generated from proven algorithms that determine customer willingness to pay. Guidance then delivers the recommendations using a range of floor, target and expert prices. Now the sales team is instantly armed with proven, winning price information that enables them to provide a quote in just minutes.

Drive 100 – 300 basis point margin improvement while reducing the time it takes to return a quote to the customer by up to 80%.


Instant Identification of Revenue Opportunity

Gain instant visibility into underperforming customers and products that represent immediate sales opportunities. A scientific based segmentation enables you to immediately identify additional sales opportunities where one customer isn’t buying the same products, or the same amount of product, as other customers in their peer group.


Dynamic Segmentation

Deliver winning guidance to your sales team with an algorithmic segmentation that continues to learn and incorporate winning transactions. PROS dynamic pricing guidance utilizes the most current information to keep your segmentation up to date.


Increase Discount Discipline

PROS Guidance delivers data science-driven price recommendations at the customer level to help your sales teams confidently maximize the value on every deal. Based on customer segmentation, buying patterns and market data, your teams now have prescriptive insights on the willingness to pay for that customer at their fingertips.


Data Driven Sales Coaching

Leverage data analytics based off of your personalized pricing guidance recommendations to identify sales coaching opportunities. Increase the performance of top performing sales rep while at the same time boosting the performance of the entire sales team.

Worry Free Security

PROS maintains stringent privacy and security standards so you can always rest assured that your data is safe. The PROS cloud infrastructure is housed in SOC2-certified data centers and has the security and availability features you demand of a mission critical application, including disaster recovery centers.

PROS delivers:

  • Enterprise-wide information and security program
  • SOC2 & HIPAA compliance environments
  • Strict enforcement of all security policies
  • Data center physical security
  • Security training for all employees
  • ITIL incident and change management
  • Vulnerability scanning & assessment

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PROS Guidance


Lead with a winning price based on data science, customer segmentation, and willingness to pay.


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