Formulate Winning Price Optimization Strategies

Power Modern Commerce with Improved Price Optimization, Insight and Control

Business complexity requires finance and marketing executives to define and implement price optimization strategies that simultaneously enhance the buying experience, and drive sales and margin growth. Companies are looking for visibility and control over outcomes, better governance over pricing models to grow margin, and actionable intelligence that enables them to consistently improve strategies over time. The platform delivers better insight into pricing practices, enhances control over execution and provides prescriptive recommendations for the sales teams that improve customer satisfaction, accelerate deal velocity and increase revenue growth.

Quickly react to cost changes and competitive moves.

The Fastest Way to Formulate and Execute Winning Pricing Strategies

Meet sales growth requirements.

Price Optimization to Realize Opportunities for Revenue and Profit Growth

PricingPRO Edition Comparison Chart

Who Need…
Better control and scalability implementing their pricing strategies To use pricing as a strategic lever for sales growth
Pricing / Best Practices Platform

Instantly add PROS 30 years of pricing experience and best practices to your team and processes.
Product / Geo / Customer / Sales / Channel Analytics

Instantly identify revenue and profit leaks by specific customer, product, segment or any other attribute provided by the customer.
Guidance Adoption and Performance Analytics

Provide the sales team with data driven coaching showing their adoption and usage of recommendations.
On Demand Pricing Guidance

Deliver data science-driven pricing guidance to your sales team based on the customer’s willingness to pay. Recommendations are instantly delivered as a floor, target and expert range, giving sales the flexibility to determine the final winning price.
Dynamic Segmentation Analysis

Data science-driven segmentation that learns and adapts as new customers and transactions come in.
Pricing Approvals and Workflow Management

An automated, role based price approval workflow designed for your specific business rules and processes.
Price Automation

Automatically trigger price recalculation and execution based on cost, market or competitive changes.
Pricing Strategy Planning and Execution

Utilize critical price elements such as competitor pricing or indices when analyzing and adjusting your calculated list prices.
Price Simulation and Impact Analysis

Simulate the potential impact of your price changes on volume, revenue, costs and margin before prices are published.
Dynamic Price Execution

Change how you calculate price based on new market and competitive intelligence.
Price List User Interface

Access all price management activities from one user interface.
Advanced Management of Multiple Price Lists

Collaborate, simulate and execute prices for millions of items.
Real-time Price Calculation

Calculate prices instantly, based on your current pricing strategy.
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