Smart CPQ

Deliver Sales Automation and Profits With Personalized Selling

Deliver the Most Profitable Personalized Offers

PROS Smart CPQ automates and simplifies the configuration, pricing and quoting process for your sales team, empowering them to instantly create accurate, personalized solutions for each customer. What makes Smart CPQ different is the unique combination of Dynamic Pricing Science with configuration and quoting capabilities. Now your sales teams can instantly provide tailored solutions with winning prices to deliver an exceptional buying experience for each customer.

Drive 2-4% improvements in incremental revenue and up to 15% in incremental margin with powerful quoting capabilities delivered directly to your sales team inside familiar CRM environments such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Accelerate Sales Cycles

Your sales teams are struggling to ramp up on your products, sell your full catalog of solutions and get quotes out the door quickly.  Accelerate the selling process by providing features such as guided selling which provides questionnaires to help identify the best solution for customers.  Use 2D or 3D  visualization techniques for easier navigation of complex products and configurations. Skip through internal hurdles with integrated approval workflows and generate a professional proposal with all your products and quotes in minutes.

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Drive Revenue Growth With Algorithmic Cross-sell

Smart CPQ uses scientific algorithms, instead of cumbersome spreadsheets, to identify complimentary products that a specific customer is most likely to buy, personalizing the experience to that customer’s needs and buying behavior.  Best of all, algorithmic cross-sell is automated, meaning you can sustain your cross sell process and deliver increased average deal sizes with relevant recommendations over time!

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Understanding Algorithmic Cross-Sell

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One-click Fast Configurations

Fast configuration uses Smart CPQ’s constraint satisfaction programming science engine to enable your sales teams to create custom configurations tailored to customer’s key attributes with a single click.  Smart CPQ’s constraints engine updates configurations in real time so your sales teams are able to create accurate and fully custom configurations with any required feature instantly.

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Deliver Winning Prices Directly to Sales Teams

Smart CPQ with integrated price guidance provides data science-driven price recommendations at the customer level to help your sales teams confidently maximize the value on every deal.  Based on customer segmentation, buying patterns, and market data, prescriptive insights on a specific customer’s willingness-to-pay are now at your team’s fingertips. They can always provide winning quotes without employing over-discounting methods to win the business.

4 Steps To Stop Out-Of-Control Discounting

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Spend Less Time Administering

The SellingPRO administrative tool provides a modern graphical interface with intuitive workflows. The flexible configurator engine enables development of simple SKUs, or complex configurations, without coding. Easily establish product compatibility and incompatibility relationships without maintaining long rule lists with every possible combination.

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Turn Your CRM Investment Into a Revenue and Profit Engine

Smart CPQ is uniquely positioned to integrate will all CRM, ERP, and PLM systems.  With out-of-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRMs, customers with multiple sites and different combinations of CRM and ERP systems can leverage the benefits of Smart CPQ and automate the sales process while driving increased revenue and profits.

PROS for Dynamics

PROS for Salesforce


Deliver Sales Compensation Insights To Your Sales Team

Extend modern commerce to your sales teams by providing visibility into the compensation plans.  Smart CPQ with Xactly Incentive Compensation tools enables sales reps to see in real time the financial impact into the pricing decision at the time of quote.  With this transparency, you can drive further sales performance improvements and align sales rep behavior to organizational goals.

Sales Compensation Transparency with Smart CPQ & Xactly

Immersive Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Experiences

Recent studies by Gartner show that by 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality.  PROS Smart CPQ enables you to deliver a fully immersive experience using mixed reality technologies such as Microsoft HoloLens and virtual reality technologies like HTC Vive.  Differentiate your customer experience tomorrow with these leading technologies.

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Out-of-box Integration with Your SAP Ecosystem

Smart CPQ includes out-of-box templates for SAP, making it easier than ever to leverage your existing SAP ecosystem. Use SAP to manage and maintain your complex variant configurations and simple product lists while seamlessly transferring this information to Smart CPQ. Enable your teams to make real-time price calls to SAP and keep your catalog updated with the latest prices. Eliminate delays and decrease your time to revenue by placing an order with the desired products directly from your CRM.


Empower Your Partners and Self-Service eCommerce Customers

Buyers want to buy wherever and however they choose whether it’s by engaging a sales rep, working with a distributor, or buying themselves through an eCommerce portal.  PROS enables you to reach your customers through the eCommerce edition by extending CPQ capabilities to all your sales channels.  Powered by dynamic pricing science, the eCommerce edition enables you to provide a personalized and consistent customer experience across all your sales channels.

Expand your addressable market with eCommerce

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Flexible Solution Supports Global Delivery

Smart CPQ’s flexible architecture and global services makes it painless to support your worldwide enterprise.  Streamline the management of regional catalogs with localized languages and multiple currencies from a central location.  Customize proposal documents and quotes with regional terms while honoring contractual pricing agreements. 24-7 IT support and service management ensures that you have the help you need when you need it.

Worry-Free Security & Support

PROS maintains stringent privacy and security standards so you can always rest assured that your data is safe.  The PROS cloud infrastructure is housed in SOC2-certified data centers and has the security and availability features you demand of a mission critical application, including disaster recovery centers.

PROS delivers:

  • Enterprise-wide information and security program
  • SOC2 & HIPAA compliance environments
  • Strict enforcement of all security policies
  • Data center physical security
  • Security training for all employees
  • ITIL incident and change management
  • Vulnerability scanning & assessment

Customers Deploying a Modern Commerce Experience with Smart CPQ


Shifting the Balance of Power

Seven approaches that companies are using right now to strengthen their sales teams’ quoting, pricing, and negotiating capabilities.



Integrated with PROS data science-driven price guidance, PROS Smart CPQ will turn your CRM investment into a revenue and profit engine.


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Hands-on with Smart CPQ


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