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Machine learning has quickly become the hot topic. The good news: our machines have been learning for the past 30+ years. With Opportunity Detection, powered by Monet™, you can confidently put that experience to work for your sales team. Using it, you’ll quickly uncover new sales growth opportunities with existing customers- opportunities that can drive millions in incremental monthly revenue with minimum sales effort required.


It starts with Monet™, PROS artificial intelligence assistant, using machine learning techniques to uncover buying behavior patterns at the account and product group level.


Powered by Monet™, Opportunity Detection applies machine learning to analyze transaction activity, uncover buying behavior trends and identify new opportunities. Using techniques such as outlier detection, churn forecasting and clustering algorithms, it finds inconsistent, declining and gap purchasing behaviors at the product level for each customer. These sales opportunity recommendations are then presented to each sales rep in an easy-to-use interface in their familiar CRM environment for instant evaluation and action.


Armed with Opportunity Detection, your sales team can now quickly determine how to invest their time to build relationships (inconsistent), prevent churn (declining) and expand the share of wallet (gap) with current customers.


Download our Opportunity Detection Datasheet to learn more.


Opportunity Detection AI

Identify Inconsistent Purchasing Patterns

Using outlier detection algorithms, Opportunity Detection finds inconsistent buying patterns that may indicate the potential to strengthen the relationship and become a true business partner.

Opportunity Detection AI

Uncover Declining Purchasing Patterns

Using churn forecasting algorithms and filtering out seasonality, Opportunity Detection finds declining buying patterns that may indicate a customer is shifting their purchasing of a specific product to another provider. Now the sales rep can proactively take action to retain this business.

Opportunity Detection AI

Find New Sales Opportunities

Using an ensemble of PROS unsupervised machine learning (clustering) algorithms, Opportunity Detection clusters accounts with similar product portfolios and identifies products each customer is not buying but its peers are buying. Knowing what similar customers are buying will help identify opportunities to sell more into the account.

Opportunity Detection AI

Opportunities Presented in Familiar CRM Systems

Opportunity Detection automatically presents recommendations on the account page of salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems, enabling each sales rep to quickly evaluate the opportunities specific to their customers.

Opportunity Detection AI

Easy Evaluation

Supporting information details are provided for each recommendation making it easy for the sales rep to quickly assess its potential for immediate action.

Opportunity Detection AI

Automated Opportunity Creation

With the click of a button, Opportunity Detection automatically creates the opportunity in the CRM system so the sales rep can quickly start the quoting process.

Opportunity Detection in Action

These brief videos demonstrate how the machine learning-based Opportunity Detection can find the sales growth hidden in your customers.

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Test drive Opportunity Detection


This free trial enables you to test drive Opportunity Detection in Microsoft Dynamics.


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