Airline Revenue Management

Maximize revenue across every flight

Deliver significant incremental revenue with the only proven solution of its kind

PROS Passenger RM is an advanced and proven solution that delivers significant incremental revenue benefits through groundbreaking, algorithmic forecasting and network optimization. Whether your airline requires leg/segment revenue management or full O&D control, PROS Passenger RM transforms your business to the way customers want to fly.

Airlines can take advantage of demand management and forecasting, determine overbooking levels, and manage fare values as pricing updates become available. Implemented at over 80 airlines, the core of PROS Passenger RM is proven, proprietary pricing science that provides airlines with the stepping-stones to full offer optimization.

Confidently optimize your network

Proven optimization technology determines the fare mix that maximizes revenue lift on every departure. Across the world, PROS customers have seen 1-2% lift in revenue with PROS revenue management.

Technical Brochure

Dynamic Overbooking

Dynamic Capacity Sharing

Intuitive Forecast Workflows

The latest workflows in PROS Revenue Management solutions allows an analyst to quickly drill down to the markets that are most important to her and quickly compare trends against historical data.  This means more confident decision making, greater productivity, and improved forecast accuracy for your airline.

Gain deep visibility with advanced forecasting

Utilize advanced methodology based on customer behavior and influence to gain visibility into each market. Protect revenue with demand forecasting and apply distinct forecasts for bookings and cancellations at various levels of passenger itinerary down to the passenger type.

O&D Customer Case Study

Improve the customer experience

PROS Passenger RM provides the unique flexibility for your airline’s unique business and growth strategies. Through proprietary forecasting methodology and real-time actionable insights, Airlines can understand competitive actions and trends. By discovering new revenue opportunities and creating dynamic offers, Airlines can fuel their modern commerce strategies.

NDC and Offer Optimization Whitepaper

Predict price sensitivity and willingness-to-pay

With hybrid methodology, Airlines can predict passenger demand price sensitivity and willingness-to-pay at the O&D market level by yieldable demand or priceable demand.

Hybrid Revenue Management

Lead the industry with Dynamic Pricing

PROS offers full O&D control and dynamic pricing with enhanced decision support for key inputs, such as special events, powered by cognitive science.


PROS Hybrid Revenue Management


Maximize revenue and minimize dilution in low-fare markets.


Customer Success with PROS Hybrid


Increase revenue by differentiating price and availability for passengers based on true value.


Dynamic Capacity Sharing Models in Airline Revenue Management


By dynamically sharing capacity between compartments, airlines can generate more revenue compared to using traditional static approaches.


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