Increase conversions, reduce revenue leaks with real time availability and pricing

Confidently offer accurate, real time availability across all channels with rules, fares, and data in sync

Real Time Dynamic Pricing is a scalable solution that offers accurate availability across all channels, while keeping the rules, fares, and other data in sync. The solution computes availability in real time and dynamically applies biases, or strategies, to seat availability so that airlines can maximize revenue and enable offer optimization. Airlines can present consistent, real time offers across all channels while protecting revenue from inventory spoilage. Real Time Dynamic Pricing allows airlines to apply industry best availability strategies, including competitive strategies and distribution for specific market segments and passenger attributes. With Real Time Dynamic Pricing, airlines can collaborate with interline and code-share partners.

Protect your revenue and prevent spoiled inventory

Eliminate sell discrepancies with a single source of truth for availability across all of your channels. Airlines can prevent inventory spoilage through comprehensive segment logic and married segment controls.

RTDP Ultimate Product Guide

Customer Case Study

RTDP Ultimate

RTDP Ultimate is the latest Edition within the PROS Real Time Dynamic Pricing Suite. RTDP Ultimate is powered by dynamic pricing science that empowers airlines with greater price flexibility and control across channels. Airlines can be confident with real-time optimized pricing and capture revenue lift of 1.5% or higher. 
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Collaborate availability with interline and code-share partners

Conduct joint evaluation of code-share or interline itineraries with bid price sharing.

Present consistent, real-time offers across all channels dynamically based on the request

Enable real time calculation of prices based upon the expected elasticity of the customer. Deploy in multiple data centers to facilitate fares, bid prices and reference data across different instances.

Apply industry best availability strategies

Control availability and influence pricing across different channels. Maximize revenue with competitive strategies for specific market segments, market conditions, passenger attributes, and channels.


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Real Time Dynamic Pricing can keep you at the forefront of innovation while having a direct impact on your business.


Bringing Dynamic Pricing to Life


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