Airline Group Sales

Transform your groups business with scientific dynamic pricing

The only complete solution for group sales driven by dynamic pricing science

Group Sales Optimizer is the only comprehensive group revenue optimization solution powered by dynamic pricing science. With Group Sales Optimizer, airlines can manage group bookings, pricing, contracts, and policies in one location and across all users including travel agents, sales, and revenue management. Prices is dynamic from a continuous price curve, rather than from arbitrary, discrete price points. Airlines can present offers with consideration to both revenue management and sales policies in real time, increasing group closure rates and customer satisfaction. With Group Sales Optimizer, airlines can quickly manage bookings and trip changes, providing a frictionless, transparent process.

Accelerate sales and grow your group sales business

The first to quote, usually wins. Reduce the friction of booking groups with a web-sales interface that supports all channels, including travel agents and direct groups. Similar to shopping and booking for individuals, Group Sales Optimizer enables easy search for group and provides multiple itinerary options in real-time.

GSO Data Sheet

A Better Way to Optimize Group Sales

Seamlessly manage bookings and balance polices across stakeholders

Easily manage bookings and PNR changes to trip type, travel dates, and number of passengers with just a few clicks. Automate the group booking process and empower confident decision making by incorporating both revenue management and sales policies. Escalations across Sales, RM, and travel agents are transparent and reduce friction across the booking process.

Generate contracts and track payments

Automatically produce and manage contracts with required terms and conditions.

Be confident in your pricing with dynamic pricing

Produce quotes in real-time based on dynamic pricing science that takes into consideration the true marginal revenue of groups. By leveraging dynamic pricing, Airlines can automate the price generation process, thereby removing the need for individual group review and pricing activities.

Scientific Pricing for Groups


Group Sales Optimizer


Increase group closure rates by providing customers with fast, accurate group pricing.


Group Sales Optimizer


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