Pricing Management

The Fastest Way to Formulate and Execute Winning Pricing Strategies

Take Price Management and Strategy to a Whole New Level


With PROS Control, replace your many spreadsheets and manual updates with a single source of truth for comprehensive and centralized price management, pricing strategy and execution. Instantly identify revenue and margin leakages, manage and enforce pricing policies, quickly change strategies, and eliminate pricing errors.

PROS Control price management software delivers to your pricing team prescriptive insight into trends and price and profit variances due to manual, error-prone and complex pricing practices. Pricing analytics such as price waterfalls allow you to execute on your strategy with greater accuracy.

Optimize Price Management and Strategy 


PROS Control leverages 30 years of experience with providing powerful algorithmic analytical tools to uncover your biggest revenue and margin opportunities. Armed with these unique insights from PROS, customers are realizing millions of dollars in incremental revenue and profit.

With PROS Control, start centralizing all pricing activities to create a single source of pricing truth. Now you can easily manage and enforce pricing policies, quickly change pricing strategies, identify revenue and profit opportunities, and start to use pricing as your path to modern commerce. Give your pricing team more time to spend on pricing strategy rather than price administration, and start driving pricing as a strategic advantage.


4 Steps to Stop Out of Control Discounting


Learn how to combine strategy and technology to set prices that win business for each of your customer segments.


PROS Control


Start centralizing all pricing strategy and execution to create a single source of pricing truth.


Kemira on PROS Pricing


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