PROS Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Deliver faster and personalized customer experiences

Provide personalized customer experiences with Monet™


Personalization begins with data, but analyzing structured and unstructured data and searching for customer insights can be overwhelming, time consuming, and downright impossible.  You need your own personal data analyst – on call 24/7/365— to guide you with prescriptive, actionable insights so you work smarter and faster. Meet Monet™ – she delivers.

Monet™, PROS artificial intelligence analyst, delivers data science-driven insights in all PROS solutions, starting with Opportunity Detection.  Backed by three decades of industry experience, Monet™ uses 30+ patented science algorithms and applies machine learning techniques from your inputs to provide recommendations for personalized and frictionless customer engagements.

Accelerate sales and deliver profitability with Monet™


Increase your revenue with Monet™

Gartner estimates that “new business revenue created via A.I. will amount to $300 billion by 2020.” Capture your share with the new opportunities Monet™ identifies in your existing accounts – opportunities for quick action that will drive revenue.

Personalize product recommendations for each customer

Using segmentation analysis, Monet™ combs through your transactional data to help you find additional products your customers will be interested in buying.

Reduce customer turnover

Accounting for seasonal patterns, Monet™ identifies customers with declining revenue, which may signal they are shifting to a new supplier. Empower your sales team to proactively get in front of these customers to retain the business.

Insights you can count on

Blind trust can be hard. That’s why Monet™ provides you with supporting evidence for every recommendation, painting a better picture of that customer. Now, your sales team will have the confidence to take action on every recommendation.


Introducing Monet™

Meet Monet™, PROS artificial intelligence analyst powering modern commerce transformation


Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

Learn about insights Monet™ delivers to drive personalization


Monet™, PROS A.I. Datasheet

Understand the benefits of Monet™ in PROS solutions


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