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Generate Meaningful Revenue Growth in the Technology Industry

Companies across the technology industry face increasingly shorter product life cycles, increasing competition, and eroding prices, all of which create challenges for achieving ever-increasing revenue and profitability goals.  Industry outperformers meet these challenges head on by incorporating market intelligence and operational agility into their business processes, which enable them to accelerate past the competition.

Well-managed technology companies are exploring new sales and pricing strategies to help them grow. However in recent years, the technology industry has faced a continuous stream of disruptive market trends. These continuous business model changes and technology innovations are impacting hardware, software, and service offerings and the companies that provide these capabilities. Whether it’s game-changers such as virtualization, public, private, and hybrid clouds, device convergence, software-as-a service, (SaaS), mobility, and subscription-based and utility-base licensing, technology companies must learn to successfully navigate these changes.

PROS empowers technology businesses to outperform by combining the perfect blend of simplicity and Dynamic Pricing Science. With PROS modern commerce solutions, you can align supply, demand and pricing decisions to realize your revenue and profit potential.

Success Story

Multi-Billion Dollar Distributor Achieves 230 Basis Points of Profit Improvement with Dynamic Price Guidance


Multi-Billion Dollar Global Electronics Distributor


This leading electronics distributor had been pricing their more than 30,000 parts using a patched-together framework of gut instinct and manual processes. With an integrated pricing strategy and dynamic price guidance, this distributor was able to achieve improvements in revenue and profitability in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


PROS Helps You Create the Winning Formula

Is your pricing strategy sound enough to capture the value you provide your customers? How do you sell in an environment with rapid innovation cycles? How do you manage pricing throughout the life cycle? Are you prepared for the impact of margin pressure driven by increased competition from low-cost manufacturers and servicers? Through the perfect blend of simplicity and data science, PROS helps you proactively address these challenges through powerful market insights that give your sales and product teams the knowledge and confidence they need to close more deals more profitably.

What can you do with PROS Cloud Solutions for the Technology Industry:

  • Gain visibility into customer buying behaviors so that you can align pricing and supply decisions to realize your true revenue growth and profitability potential.
  • Transform pricing into a competitive advantage by empowering sales teams with dynamic data-driven guidance that enables faster and more confident decision making.
  • Amplify the power of your existing CRM solution with guided product selection and configuration, quick quoting, and proposal generation.



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Tips for Modern Commerce Companies


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