Food and Consumables

Spreadsheets are speed bumps. Machine learning is rocketing food and consumables into a new era of prescriptive pricing solutions. That’s modern commerce. PROS is leading the way.

Your pricing strategy is paramount

Unless you offer accurate pricing at lightning speed, you’ll miss the modern market.

PROS applies profound industry experience and dynamic pricing science to ensure a customer’s buying experience is smooth, smart and super personalized.


The dollar increase in value optimization per quarter based on PROS analytics for industry leader Fonterra.

Fonterra case study: The Leap to Prescriptive Analytics. Josh Sigmund, Director of Ingredients Sales and Operations at Fonterra, speaks about the challenges that led his company to PROS, and how our solutions achieved stunning results. 

Meet the smart enterprises with a seat at the PROS table


PROS knows the challenges of modern commerce but also the potential. Our solutions are dynamic, holistic and super smart. We can align product, price and availability with stunning clarity.

Our cloud-based solutions drive real revenue growth within over 30 industries. See how we can help yours.

Want to learn more about how our food and consumables solutions can help you? 

Looking for a Solution?

INFOGRAPHICThere’s no magic wand to master modern commerce, but there are plenty of mistakes to avoid. PROS experts give you four DON’TS that lead straight to helpful DO’S.

VIDEO: Pricing Optimization Made Easy with Pricing Guidance. This on-demand webinar illustrates the challenges your sales teams face and shows how PROS has applied over 30 years of data science development to brighten their mornings.

TIPSHEET: Three Opportunities to Drive More Sales with Opportunity Detection. One salesperson, hundreds of customers and thousands of SKUs. That equals unlimited uncertainty and inevitable risk. Help your team invest time and effort wisely.

Just Getting Started?

VIDEO: How to Sell the Right Product at the Right Price. Don’t just compete to survive. Learn how to truly thrive in an increasingly complex market with price optimization, science-driven analytics and smart CPQ.

EBOOK: Is Modern Commerce on Your Menu? Discover why the food and beverage industry must adopt a dynamic new approach to selling if they intend to win in the landscape of modern commerce.

CUSTOMIZED REPORT: This two-minute assessment compares your modern commerce chops with 300 other B2B companies. See how you rate and get practical steps to up your pricing and selling game.

Ready to Build a Business Case?

LAND O’LAKES: Applying Modern Commerce Strategies. Sambit Dutta, Senior Director of IT Development & Enterprise Architecture at Land O’Lakes, explains why a modern commerce strategy is so relevant in today’s business.

DISTRIBUTOR: Customer Success. See how one specialized distributor leveraged data-driven, prescriptive and actionalbe insights to pinpoint new opportunities, recover margin leakage and grow revenue.

TIPSHEETWe think about your industry a lot. See how four PROS best practices provide immediate insight for food and beverage suppliers eager to implement an optimized pricing strategy.


Want to learn more about how our food and consumables solutions can help you?

We live to connect PROS solutions to your business challenges. That’s the drive that launched our company over 30 years ago, and that’s what still gets us excited to come into work every day. Reach out. Let’s get together to revolutionize your enterprise. 

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