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Discover Profit Potential in the Consumer Goods Industry

Outperforming consumer goods companies are undaunted by challenges like consumer price pressure, SKU proliferation and falling category share. They understand what it takes to compete and win in today’s market. Companies that stand out among their industry peers drive top-line and bottom-line results simultaneously. PROS modern commerce solutions deliver the perfect blend of simplicity and Dynamic Pricing Science, leveraging prescriptive analytics to give the category teams a huge advantage over the competition so they can realize their true revenue growth and profit potential.

Success Story

North American Paper Manufacturer Reduces Time to Make Pricing Changes by 80 Percent


Multi-billion dollar paper manufacturer


For this paper manufacturer, pricing processes weren’t keeping pace with the growth of its business. Their existing processes used several tools and different data sources, and the data didn’t always match. The company needed a focused pricing strategy across the organization and a reliable, standardized source for analytical data that was integrated with SAP.


Revenue Growth in Store for Consumer Goods

How do you contend with global competition and decreasing trade barriers? How do raw material cost fluctuations impact your bottom line? What are the implications of a sluggish economy and consumers with less disposable income? Outperformers turn to PROS to help them respond to these questions through predictive analytics to accelerate the process of converting prospects to customers.

With PROS Cloud Solutions you can outperform in your global markets through:

  • Complete visibility and control of returns from current and future trade spend to positively impact top- and bottom-line financial results simultaneously.
  • Aligning supply, demand and pricing decisions to realize the true growth and profitability potential.
  • Constant visibility into specific channel-profit drivers and partner margins to empower confident decision making.



Georgia Pacific: Price Optimization for CPG


Learn how Georgia Pacific is optimizing pricing despite highly dynamic market conditions.


Paper Maker Automates Pricing to Improve Revenue & Margins


PROS pricing solution integrated with SAP generates billions of dollars in projected revenue increases.


Find out how PROS Can Help You Realize your Potential


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