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Fuel Meaningful Revenue and Profitability for the Chemicals and Energy Industries

Top-line growth and bottom-line results continue to be top priorities across the chemicals and energy industries but demand volatility or an unpredictable economic and competitive environment stand in their way. Industry outperformers are not fazed because they understand how to effectively operate in an unpredictable economic environment.  How?  By having visibility into customer buying preferences, pricing, and product availability – at all times.  PROS enables chemicals and energy companies to capture maximum revenue and profits by combining the perfect blend of simplicity and Dynamic Pricing Science.  With PROS modern commerce solutions, you can align supply, demand and pricing decisions to realize revenue growth and profitability potential.

Success Story


Large international oil company


Relying on disconnected IT systems to price billions of gallons of petroleum products every day was a daunting, manual task for this oil company. "With PROS, we can now analyze the relationship between our prices and competitor prices and how the changes in each will affect demands throughout the day," says a company spokesperson. And that's proving to be game-changing for this company's bottom line.


PROS Profit Realization Solutions Create the Winning Formula

How do you contend with volatile demand or raw material costs? What's the best competitive pricing strategy for the daily price fluctuations of petroleum? Is there a faster way to analyze multiple sources of data, all of which may affect your demand? Do you understand the value your customers derive from your products? Through the perfect blend of simplicity and data-science, PROS helps you respond to these challenges through powerful market insights that give your sales teams the knowledge and confidence they need to close more deals more profitably.

What can you do with PROS Profit Realization Solutions for the Chemicals and Energy Industry?

  • Define and implement pricing strategies that drive sales growth and expand margins by combining competitor price forecasting with strategies that consider market position, brand strength, rack, and street margins.
  • Have constant visibility and control over pricing outcomes, governance over pricing models, and actionable intelligence.
  • Empower your sales team with complete visibility and control over the buying process through guided product selection, quick quoting, and proposal generation.



A Strategic Look at Formula Pricing


Receive an overview of formula pricing and its benefits as well as challenges.


Microsoft ChemRA


The Microsoft Chemicals Reference Architecture (ChemRA) framework works with global process manufacturing industry partners to improve efficiencies in the process manufacturing and downstream oil and gas industries.


Clariant Increases Pricing Transparency with PROS



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