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B2B Services Industries Serve Better with PROS Cloud Solutions

Outperformers are continually uncovering new possibilities to grow their business. While B2B services firms are feeling squeezed by increasing competition and the volatile economic landscape, industry leaders are learning how to better serve and sell to their customers. How? PROS modern commerce solutions deliver the perfect blend of simplicity and Dynamic Pricing Science for better forecasting and smarter time-money utilization so they can realize their true revenue and profit potential.

Success Story

PROS Puts Worldwide Consulting Firm on Path to Outperforming


Multi-billion dollar, global management consulting firm


A lack of insight into fluctuating market demands meant this global management consulting firm was missing sales and margin opportunities. With PROS big data software, they're winning more deals and eliminating profit leaks. And the entire business is thriving.


Equip your Teams to Bid and Generate Revenue Growth

How do you gain more visibility into the costs of the services you bid? Or compare costs from project-to-project so you can bid more accurately? How do you tip the scales in your favor to win more deals, more profitably? Is there a better way to ensure your sales teams are negotiating with confidence and putting winning quotes in front of their customers? Can you arm your team with data-driven insights into customer buying preferences and patterns to deliver better service, generate revenue growth, and expand and sustain profitability?

With PROS Cloud Solutions you can outperform in the B2B services industry through:

  • Actionable insight required to make confident decisions that close more deals with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and profitability.
  • Constant visibility and control over pricing outcomes, governance over pricing models to grow margin, and actionable intelligence to consistently improve pricing over time.
  • Visibility to customer buying preferences, pricing, and services availability at all time.



Equipment Rental


Profit management and optimization for the equipment rental market.


Top 8 Myths of Pricing Optimization


The term “pricing optimization” has come to the forefront in recent years, promoted by technology companies seeking to communicate the key capabilities of pricing software.


How to Go from Good to Great with Pricing Software


Great pricing today goes beyond spreadsheets. Learn how.

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