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Automotive and Industrial Companies Accelerate Revenue Growth with PROS Cloud Solutions

For companies in the automotive and industrial industries, there is sales growth to be found, even in trying economic times. Raw materials price volatility, low-cost country competition, increased gray market risk, or a shift in buyer behaviors can erode margins. All of these trends impact  the ability for these companies to survive. As a result, it’s critical to capitalize on any competitive advantage you can find.

Manufacturing equipment and systems must be continuously available. A missing spare part can lead to the standstill of an entire plant.  But an incorrectly priced spare part has much greater potential to negatively impact a company’s revenue growth and profitability.

The parts business may account for only 10 to 15 percent of sales, but it typically averages 25 to 50 percent of profits. Despite the significant financial and customer satisfaction impacts of the parts business, manufacturers have historically given little attention to this segment of the business.

Leverage Data as an Asset in Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing

PROS modern commerce solutions deliver the perfect blend of simplicity and Dynamic Pricing Science, that leverages prescriptive analytics around markets, customers, the service parts life cycle, segmentation and competition. Companies that leverage this data as an asset can better serve their customers so they can realize their true revenue and profit potential.



Success Story

PROS Puts Auto Parts Manufacturer On the Road to Outperforming


Multi-billion dollar, auto aftermarket parts manufacturer and distributor


Relying on a cost-plus pricing model left a multi-billion dollar auto parts manufacturer at a crossroads. The company had no visibility into competitor pricing or how the market would react to specific pricing decisions. PROS big data apps helped the manufacturer analyze and adjust prices in line with competitors, improve margins to drive incremental revenues, and establish a market-based pricing system, resulting in $5 million in pricing improvements in less than a month.


Don't Overlook the Most Important Part - Competitive Advantage

How do you account for the fluctuating costs of raw materials? How do you keep track of hundreds of thousands of products when you're struggling to keep up with your fast movers with the highest revenues? Or adjust prices to account for competitor movements, both locally and internationally? How do you align pricing strategies for different lifecycle stages? Are there new channels to help you increase revenue?

With PROS Cloud Solutions you can outperform in your global markets through:

  • Insight, guidance and control you need to transform pricing into a competitive advantage through data-driven insights to empower confident decision making.
  • Guided product selection and configuration to winning pricing strategies, quick quote and proposal generation, sales teams can make confident decisions that close more deals with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and profitability.
  • Superior customer experience and capture maximum revenue and profits through a perfect blend of simplicity and data science through the buying process.



Automotive and Service Parts


Exciting new technologies bring greater complexity to the automotive and service parts industry.


Using Transactional Pricing to Drive Sales Growth


Learn about a framework for approaching pricing to deliver revenue growth, and the vital questions that an organization can answer through such an effort.


Saint Gobain on PROS



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