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Back to Basics: Profit Margins & Pricing Markups in the Supply Chain

Reading time: 8 minutes

Buying quality products from manufacturers and selling them for a reasonable price to retailers while still making money is hard. Discover strategy behind how distributors constantly return a profit despite ever-changing factors both above and below them in the supply chain from PROS experts....

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Advance Modern Commerce Speed and Focus

Reading time: 5 minutes

Timing and precision are everything when it comes to selling in today’s on-demand economy. ...

How Revenue Management Strategies Scientifically Prevent Losses

Reading time: 10 minutes

Imagine how much money airlines would lose if they had as many empty seats as movie theatres. Here’s a look at how airline revenue management strategies prevent that from happening, and how that can benefit other industries....

Prices are Spiking, but are You Really Winning?

Reading time: 2 minutes

The end of 2017 was a whirlwind for the transportation and logistics industry. Major hurricanes hit the United States shores shaking up routes and demand. The beginnings of driver shortages hit several companies, increasing capacity constraints across the country....

How to Win Over B2B Buyers

Reading time: 3 minutes

Remember the not-so-distant past when corporations had security concerns about employees wanting to use ...

ANA Named ATW 2018 Airline of the Year

Reading time: 1 minute

One of the airline industry’s most coveted honors – the Air Transport World Airline ...

Outpace the Competition with Modern Commerce

Reading time: 4 minutes

As we move deeper into the digital era – and companies such as Amazon continue to disrupt traditional ways of doing business – supply chains and commerce as we know it are rapidly changing right before our eyes....

Lufthansa Becomes First European 5-Star Airline

Reading time: 1 minute

In the airline industry, there are a number of awards that rank global carriers ...

3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Modern Commerce

Reading time: 2 minutes

No matter what industry you’re in, if you think of the biggest ways your ...

8 Pillars to Combat the Perfect Pricing Storm

Reading time: 0 minutes

The healthcare industry is seeing unprecedented pricing pressure. Industry experts are calling these pressures ...