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PROS delivers the most complete pricing solution in the market. Whether you’re just getting started on your pricing journey or already at the top of your game and looking to drive every last ounce of sales and profit growth, PROS is designed to meet your needs now and in the future. Our solutions are built on more than two decades of innovation and collaboration with customers to ensure the highest ROI, fastest time-to-value, and lowest total cost-of-ownership.

For pricing professionals, PROS offers the most
robust and innovative capabilities available.


Take control of your pricing

Many organizations feel like their pricing is out of control today. Your markets are volatile. Your salespeople cannot know the value of every product and over-discount to win business. Your competitors do crazy things to win business at all costs. The impact on you: you react vs. taking control. With PROS, we put market and sales intelligence in your hands so you can make more accurate and confident pricing decisions for each and every market you serve. Only PROS gives pricing and product teams the flexibility to drive any pricing strategy they can think of, without the need to involve IT.

img-pros-difference-segment-priceSegment. Price. Measure. Grow.

Know thy customer. It’s a phrase with a lot of emotion but what does it really mean? Do you know what your customers want and what your markets value? Do you know what each segment and customer would be willing to pay for your products? With PROS, we provide you with insights into customer purchasing patterns to determine which groups buy similarly. Armed with new insight, you can get more accurate with your pricing, measure the impact of your pricing strategies, and learn from each price move to drive even greater sales and profit growth.

img-pros-difference-global-pricingTruly global price planning

Your CEO wants to grow sales by 3% next year with your company’s price change. Where will you find it? Which product lines have pricing power? Which regions will benefit from lower pricing to drive growth? PROS offers the only price planning capability in the market that allows you to understand how a price change will affect the performance of your business. With PROS, you can model price change scenarios before you make them, understanding the impact and comparing multiple scenarios to find the best option. PROS lets you effectively see the cumulative “network” effect of price changes, giving your CEO the confidence that you will realize your goals through pricing changes.

Get your pricing down to a science

PROS stands alone in our ability to deliver real-time price optimization based on the unique willingness-to-pay of the individual customer. With 14 patents, PROS has achieved dominance in driving sales and profit growth through data science that will continue for years to come.

More harmony between your pricing system and SAP

Let’s admit it: SAP does not always store your prices in a flexible and easy-to-manage way. PROS gives you the power to manage pricing on any segment and at every level of your business, regardless of how you set up your SAP condition tables. And after you are finished, we take care of the hard work by syncing back to the SAP condition tables to ensure harmony between your pricing system and SAP.
For sales professionals, PROS puts you ahead of all the rest

Faster, more intelligent quotes — for more profitable deals

PROS automatically provides the right price, sales guidance, and promotions to each product added to a quote, reducing the time spent on activities other than selling and eliminating product selection and pricing errors. Visual score indicators give sales teams immediate feedback of each deal based on floor, target, and expert prices and discounting guardrails.

Deal planning

As offers are being created, PROS provides market-level insights and analytics for negotiation guidance, as well as account-level analytics to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Using deal analytics, sales reps can explore various negotiating options before sitting down with the customer.

Guided selling and personalized pricing

Customers demand a level of personalization in the buying process and you want to exceed their needs. PROS provides the industry’s most advanced product configuration and guided selling capabilities, along with the pricing targeted to the individual customer, so your offers are sure to increase win rates.

A 360 degree view of every customer

Sales reps want information about their accounts with the click of a button. PROS gives you the ability to see all orders, prices, rebates, and contracts associated with an account, and drill in to the details to construct even better deals. Plus, PROS easily integrates with multiple CRM and ERP instances, so you get a global view across all your regions and divisions.

Customer attrition analysis

Only PROS uses big data to show you which customers are likely to leave and what to do before it happens. While sales must focus on acquiring new business, don’t make the job harder by letting existing business walk out the door.

Sales performance dashboards

Configurable dashboards provide sales managers with greater insight into both account and sales rep performance, letting them proactively coach teams toward higher value opportunities and gauge the effects of their quoting decisions on sales and profitability.

Centralized rebate management

Only PROS offers an integrated rebate planning solution, allowing you to increase transparency across your marketing and sales teams through a central rebate repository. With PROS, you can create deal-specific rebates during negotiations, and even model your rebates to see how they will drive market share or increase profitability. The result? Greater sales growth.

Multi-channel analysis

Determine the true profitability of a deal based on the associated discounts, rebates, shipping, and other unique costs to serve associated with your multi-tiered distribution model. With PROS, you can calculate the true net price and net profit for each item sold to multiple customer destinations through every level of distribution.

Bid and tender management

PROS makes easy work of matching bid requests to available SKUs, product alternatives, and even competitive offers. In fact, we offer the only sales solution that includes purpose-built bid/tender response capabilities for distributors and manufacturers.