B2B eCommerce Solution

The Most Efficient Way to Reach All of Your Customers Where They Want to Buy

Powerful eCommerce for One Consistent Experience Across All Channel Sales

PROS eCommerce powers a modern commerce experience by extending configure, price, quote (CPQ) capabilities to your partners and self-service channels.

Create personalized and frictionless customer engagements across all sales channels by enabling customers to buy where and how they prefer, whether it’s from partners, self-service eCommerce or your direct sales team.

The solution allows you to expand coverage of your addressable market, simplify and centralize systems across all sales channels, enable the sales team to increase average order sizes, and provide customers and partners a seamless buying experience. A constraints-based configuration engine means business users can maintain the solution and easily manage both simple SKUs and the most complex product configurations.

Extend Smart CPQ to All Channel Sales

Featuring out-of-the-box integration with  and also integration with leading eCommerce sites, the solution optimizes the delivery of your products across all channels by adapting product offers and prices to each channel.

With PROS eCommerce, let your customers buy where and how they prefer – partners, self-service or from the direct sales team. Featuring out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Communities, the solution optimize the delivery of your products on all channels by adapting product offers and prices to each channel.  Extend Smart CPQ capabilities to partners, enabling them to quickly and easily access to the product and pricing information they need to effectively represent your products. 


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eCommerce: Multiple Channels, One Experience


The next generation of CPQ is capitalizing on this trend by powering omni-channel, e-commerce capabilities.


PROS eCommerce


Extend configure, price and quote capabilities to your partner portals and B2C eCommerce websites.


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