PROS Sales Effectiveness Solutions
Sales Effectiveness Solutions

Win more and bigger deals. Beat your plan.

Sales growth doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s been. Whether your reps have been discounting too much, spending too much time quoting (and not enough selling), or focusing on the wrong opportunities altogether, PROS is the answer. We give you data-driven customer insights that lift the performance of your entire sales team, from picking the right deals and prices to quoting (and closing) faster and more profitably.

Which PROS Sales Effectiveness Software is right for you?
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“One of our biggest customers turned out to be our least profitable. I would never have known, since we didn’t have a good way to drill down into every deal and look at the big picture. With PROS Scientific Analytics Software, I can compare sales and profit trends of my customers with similar purchasing preferences, then coach my reps with specific guidance for their next round of negotiations. “

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“Getting new service reps ramped up and productive is taking much longer with the increasing complexity of our equipment. To keep this aspect of my business growing, I need capable people. And I need them now, not in 18 months. There must be a way to shorten the time to get a service tech productive.”

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“Our products are complex, and our customers have exact specifications. We can’t send them quotes for products that are missing even a single detail — and we also can’t take a week to give them prices. With Cameleon CPQ Software, we’ve been able to quickly configure our highly complex products and services and get a high quality proposal out the door without the errors and delays we struggled with before.”

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“We were going up against procurement departments that knew more about our prices than we did, and we had no real idea what would work and what wouldn’t. Once we started using PROS Sales Optimizer, the tables turned. Now, we have market-level insights and analytics for every negotiation, and we know the best cross-sell, up-sell, and product replacement opportunities for every account. It’s really changed not just how we sell, but how much—and our sales reps are way more confident in negotiations.”

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“We did a decent job of selling, but our existing tools and processes made it difficult to find all the additional opportunities to grow sales. We knew the longer we waited to make a move, the more margin and revenue we were passing up. With PROS Negotiation Guidance, our reps see a negotiating band unique to every deal, so they know what prices to quote – and what prices will win. Plus, it was up and running in less than 90 days, so we saw immediate value.”

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I want to ...

  • Know which customers are my best—and which aren't.
  • Arm my parts sales team with data driven prices that win.
  • Quickly and easily configure products — so quotes go out faster.
  • Enter negotiations with a better plan.
  • Eliminate quoting guesswork, drive better win rates and deal sizes in less than 3 months.
What you get with PROS Sales Effectiveness Software
Most companies measure reps solely on their ability to hit quota. But what if they are giving away discounts, along with your profits, to your customers, to hit their numbers? With PROS, you can measure sales force effectiveness based on negotiation results for each and every deal they do. This gives you insight into how each sales rep is performing not only against peers but against their potential. And with automatic reports interpreting data for you, you have actionable insights to improve negotiations by rep and account. With this insight, you can make smarter decisions to improve win rates and hit your targets.
If you’re creating invoices, you’re already collecting the transaction data you need to establish better segmentation.

PROS Sales Effectiveness Software determines customers with similar profiles and purchasing patterns to know where the market truly is, what to offer, and what prices and discounts will win the deal. You will also:

  • Identify overlooked opportunities that will grow wallet share and maximize deal sizes.
  • Focus your limited sales resources on those opportunities with the highest potential returns.
With a 360° view of their accounts, sales representatives can see all transactions, quotes and prices associated with an account so they have the background to better construct future deals and contracts. Our Sales Effectiveness Software provides a common repository of all pricing contracts and opportunities within an account as well as the contract terms, promotions and discounting for which the customer is eligible. And because PROS enterprise solutions easily integrate with multiple ERP and CRM instances, you have a true global view of your accounts, giving you unparalleled insight into all your business in every region and division with the click of a button.
Free your sales teams from the time-consuming burden of quote generation, internal pricing negotiation, and approvals. With PROS Sales Effectiveness Software, you will:

  • Get the right price, discounting and promotion guidance for each product you add to a quote, reducing the time typically spent on activities other than direct selling.
  • Eliminate product configuration and pricing errors, boosting productivity and increasing customer confidence.
  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of each deal through visual score indicators based on adherence to recommended floor, target, and expert prices as well as discounting guardrails.
  • Get proposals out the door faster by automatically approving high-scoring quotes, and routing others for manual approval—all based on rules you set.
The result is a more efficient, autonomous, and effective sales team capable of closing business faster that exceed corporate goals for sales and profit as well as the customer’s perception of value.
PROS uncovers the data and insights your reps need to win deals by matching how a particular customer wants to buy with the collective intelligence of your organization. With a tool designed specifically to help your reps know their customer better, imagine the confidence they’ll have during negotiations.
Our solutions

PROS Sales Effectiveness gives your sales teams the competitive edge they need to outperform by recommending the opportunities most likely to close, the offers most likely to sell and the prices most likely to win.

Negotiation Guidance
Turnkey Package
Negotiation Guidance
Sales intelligence, including analytics and scientifically generated price recommendations that can be used alone or in any quoting tool – all less than 90 days.
Scientific Analytics™
Sales Insights
Scientific Analytics™
Predictive analytics solution for sales managers to identify revenue opportunities, get cross-sell and upsell guidance and detect possible customer attrition before it occurs.
Quoting Solutions
Cameleon Parts Quoting
Easy-to-use interactive diagrams with predictive pricing guidance to turbo charge your parts business.
Cameleon CPQ
Robust multi-channel quoting solution for enterprises having complex configuration, pricing, quoting capabilities.
Sales Optimizer™
Quoting and detail analysis solution for enterprises that required bid and tender quoting capabilities.