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Sail Past the Competition

As competition increases along with ship size, outperformers in the cruise and maritime business say “full speed ahead.” Whether they operate a fleet of two or 102 ships, these outperformers know how to leverage their big data to set consistent, profit-producing strategies. While other cruise lines might simply resort to lowering cabin rates to meet capacity targets, outperformers use PROS Cruise Revenue Optimization Solution with built-in science-based analytics to maximize revenue per cabin, minimize denied boarding risk, track competitor behavior, efficiently manage bookings and upgrades, and optimize inventory. In other words, grow profits, not sink them.

PROS Cruise Revenue Optimization Solution enables you to:

  • Forecast the effects of trends on your demand, and target those customers most likely to sail with your cruise lines.
  • Make smarter pricing decisions by separating yieldable demand from price-sensitive demand.
  • Transform your data into greater sales with real-time adjustments to demand pattern changes and automatic price guidance recommendations.
  • Maximize revenue by independently forecasting the demand for each cabin product.


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Mini Brochure
Hotel, Cruise & Maritime Revenue Optimization

Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Cruise Line Improves Revenues by Maximizing Occupancies