Safely Navigate Your Ocean of Big Data

Outperformers sail to the front of the pack by putting a relentless focus on growing their business, even in the choppiest of waters. As competition increases along with ship size, cruise lines still have capacity targets to meet, but outperformers in this business know there's more than one way to fill a ship. They turn to their big data to help steer them back to profitable growth. Data can predict trends and help them centralize operations across their network, so they can arm their teams with tools they need and begin to create consistencies around key revenue management strategies. PROS real-time big data applications can transform your big data into increased market share and profitability.

Outperform with PROS Big Data Apps for Cruise Lines
How do you ensure your ships consistently head out to sea with full cabins? How do you account for future demand or cancellations? When should you discount or upgrade a passenger to keep the supply chain fluid? PROS helps you answer these questions through powerful market insights that give your revenue management teams the knowledge they need to drive revenue growth through increased yield rates.

With PROS big data apps you can outperform in your markets:

  • Identify upgrade opportunities that can lead to more successful upsells.
  • Adjust rates by analyzing booking trends throughout the booking cycle.
  • Maximize occupancy by selling to the right customers at the right time for the right price.
  • Secure more passengers earlier in the booking cycle and account for future cancellations by overbooking.