Big Data Means a Big Advantage

Outperformers soar high above the rest. Their passion and their drive to uncover new possibilities clear them for takeoff in any weather --even in turbulent times, when fuel costs are volatile, consumer confidence is fluctuating, and pricing transparency created by the Internet and inconsistent passenger demand make it more and more difficult to create accurate forecast models. Outperforming airlines use PROS to derive insight from the mountains of data they've already collected about their customers, their competition, and their markets. PROS provides the tools and services to decipher this raw data, which, in turn, helps you maximize revenue opportunities. Our real-time big data applications can transform your big data into increased market share and revenues.

Feel Free to Move About the Cabin with PROS Big Data Apps for Passenger Airlines
How does analyzing big data help you manage availability and overbooking while maximizing revenue opportunity? Or account for large groups without displacing high-valued passengers? Do you have a strategy to compete with discount airlines? How do you balance managing the way your customers want to fly and the way your airline flies its routes? PROS uses one of the greatest resources you have – your data -- to help you overcome these challenges. PROS solutions analyze the powerful insights hidden within your data and arm your teams with the knowledge and confidence they need to fill more seats at higher revenues.

With PROS big data apps you can outperform in your markets:

  • Improve revenue streams by reviewing network flows and performing detailed flight analysis.
  • Maximize inventory by identifying low-performing markets and monitoring potential seat spoilage.
  • Model unique demand patterns for holidays and special events to capture emerging trends.
  • Improve forecast accuracy by providing distinct forecasts for bookings and cancellations at various levels.
  • Identify bottleneck sectors across the network where potential demand exceeds capacity.
  • Determine the minimum acceptance price that offsets the displacement of higher-valued demand-to-come.


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