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Serve Better and Sell Smarter

Outperformers are continually uncovering new possibilities. Status quo is not in their vocabulary. While services firms are feeling squeezed by increasing competition and the volatile economic landscape, outperformers in this industry are learning how to better serve and sell to their customers. How? By leveraging their data to get an edge. They've discovered in this data tremendous insights into how their markets buy and what their customers want.

PROS provides business services firms with technology that can quickly analyze real-time data, and help drive increased sales to help them outperform the competition.

PROS Puts Worldwide Consulting Firm on Path to Outperform
Multi-billion dollar, global management consulting firm
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A lack of insight into fluctuating market demands meant this global management consulting firm was missing sales and margin opportunities. With PROS big data software, they're winning more deals and eliminating profit leaks. And the entire business is thriving.
To Bid or Not to Bid
How do you gain more visibility into the costs of the projects you bid? Or compare costs from project-to-project so you can bid more accurately? Once you kick off a project, do you have a strategy to ensure you never find yourself in a cash-flow deficit? PROS can analyze the mountains of data that contains critical information that will help you simplify the bidding process and always put a winning quote together.

With PROS big data apps you can quote more efficiently and profitably:

  • Create a profitable quote in a timely manner based on actionable data.
  • Be more responsive to customers with a quoting platform and guidance on optimal rates.
  • Maintain positive cash flow throughout the project by better understanding the timing of expenditures.
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