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Accelerate Sales Growth with PROS Real-Time Big Data Apps for Service Parts Manufacturers

For companies in the service parts industry, there is sales growth to be found, even in trying economic times. Suppliers are experiencing low-cost country competition, increased grey market risk, mergers and consolidations, and a shift in buyer behaviors that's causing eroding margins. All of these trends are impacting their ability to survive and thrive in the future. Service parts manufacturers and distributors must find new ways to create sales growth.

Outperforming service parts companies realize that the enormous amounts of data they collect contains strategic information about their markets, customers, service parts lifecycle, segmentation, and competitive data. Companies that leverage this data as an asset can better serve their customers and outperform their competition by driving increased sales and revenue.

PROS Puts Auto Parts Manufacturer On the Road to Outperform
Multi-billion dollar, auto aftermarket parts manufacturer and distributor
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Relying on a cost-plus pricing model left a multi-billion dollar auto parts manufacturer at a crossroads. The company had no visibility into competitor pricing or how the market would react to specific pricing decisions. PROS big data apps helped the manufacturer analyze and adjust prices in line with competitors, improve margins to drive incremental revenues, and establish a market-based pricing system, resulting in $5 million in pricing improvements in less than a month.
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How do you keep track of hundreds of thousands of products when you're struggling to keep up with your fast movers with the highest revenues? Or adjust prices to account for competitor movements, both locally and internationally? How do you implement the ideal strategies for service parts in different lifecycle stages or competitive market positions? Are there new channels to help you increase revenue?

The PROS service parts industry solution helps customers compete and win more effectively by delivering industry best practices complemented with big data science. PROS big data apps helps you overcome your challenges through powerful part and dealer insights that give your sales teams the knowledge and confidence they need to close win business more profitably.

With the PROS Service Parts industry solution big data app you can outperform in your markets:

  • Compare and set pricing strategies in real-time by evaluating elasticity, business rules, and competitive data.
  • Improve underperforming product categories through science-based segmentation of product, customer, and transactional attributes.
  • Determine root cause of margin shifts by comparing multiple dealers and pricing actions.
  • Improve pricing organization efficiencies and compliance through automated price setting workflows, analysis, and kit management.
  • Facilitate special quotes with detailed modeling and analysis of product category promotions and dealer concessions.
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