With PROS, we are realizing over $10 million annually.
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Win More Business with PROS Real-Time Big Data Apps for Petroleum Manufacturers

Outperforming petroleum manufacturers know how to fuel strong sales growth. They won't let demand volatility or an unpredictable economic and competitive environment stand in their way. Their secret? They understand the need for technology that helps them react in real-time, by anticipating trends in their markets and adjusting supply, pricing, and demand. Through science, experience and an unwavering commitment to customer success, PROS helps petroleum companies respond to market challenges. Like turning petroleum into fuel, PROS solutions refine data and transform it into an asset that drives sales and profits.

PROS Helps Major Oil Company Unearth Big Profitability Gains
Large international oil company
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Relying on disconnected IT systems to price billions of gallons of petroleum products every day was a daunting, manual task for this oil company. "With PROS, we can now analyze the relationship between our prices and competitor prices and how the changes in each will affect demands throughout the day," says a company spokesperson. And that's proving to be game-changing for this company's bottom line.
PROS Helps Global Petrochemical Company Find $350M Annual Margin Improvements
Multi-billion dollar, global petrochemical company
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Each business unit of a global petrochemical company set prices differently, which led to confusion, ambiguity and negative margin transactions. PROS helped the company realize its vision for a global pricing program that coupled a rollout of SAP with PROS big data software. This nearly wiped out negative margin transactions and increased the company's annual margin by $350 million.
See How Big Data Can Fuel Your Profits
How do you contend with the volatile demand for petroleum products? What's the best competitive pricing strategy for the daily price fluctuations of petroleum? Is there a faster way to analyze multiple sources of data, all of which may affect your demand? PROS helps you respond to these challenges through powerful market insights that give your sales teams the knowledge and confidence they need to close more deals more profitably.

How can you outperform with PROS big data apps for petroleum manufacturers?

  • Ensure fair and profitable prices by combining competitor price forecasting with strategies that consider market position, brand strength, rack, and street margins.
  • Identify sales growth opportunities by segmenting markets and products.
  • Adjust to dynamic market conditions by making adjustments to your pricing strategy in real-time.
  • Maximize revenues through science-based optimization.
  • Improve your positioning for profitability amid the volatility with automated tools that allow you to take back control of pricing.
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