Let Our Big Data Apps Nurse Your Sales Back to Health

With growing scrutiny and government regulations on medical device manufacturers, turning the mountains of data you've collected into an asset that helps you outperform your competition and better serve your customers is critical. Outperforming companies turn to PROS to help them compete and win in the face of new government regulations and changing medical trends. Our real-time big data applications can transform your big data into increased market share and profitability.

PROS Helps Medical Supply Company Realize $10 Million Increase in Gross Profit
Multi-billion dollar, medical and surgical supply distributor
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Time-consuming manual processes and the lack of a standardized methodology across the salesforce led to lost opportunity, less revenue and lower margins for this medical supply company. PROS big data apps enabled the company to increase revenues with surgical precision, making critical price changes where and when needed.
Maintain Healthy Sales in Medical Device Manufacturing
How do you account for current and impending government regulations? Or savvy and aggressive negotiation tactics employed by hospital administrators? What's the best way to maintain SKU ASPs across customers while managing pricing rationality? Outperformers turn to PROS to help them respond to these challenges through customer insights that give your sales teams the knowledge and confidence they need to increase win rates with increased profits.

With PROS big data apps you can outperform in your markets:

  • Build sound sales strategies while determining targeted pricing goals and negotiation thresholds.
  • Uncover sales growth by pinpointing underperforming customers and products.
  • Reveal administrative gaps that allow some customers to remain on outdated, multi-year price lists.
  • Gain insight into pricing irrationality that might otherwise go unnoticed, resulting in unhappy customers.
  • Understand hospital cost and margin thresholds as well as tradeoff analysis for the occasional price concession.
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