Shift the Odds in Your Favor with PROS Real-Time Big Data Apps for Industrial Manufacturers

Outperformers in the industrial manufacturing space don't shy away from a challenge. Whether it's the price volatility of raw materials, increased competition from around the globe, or simply the problems associated with using outdated systems, these companies know it's critical to capitalize on any competitive advantage you can find. After all, your competitors are. Why, then, is one of the most powerful assets of all -- your data -- just sitting there, largely untapped, in most organizations?

Outperforming industrial manufacturers count on PROS analytics and big data apps to turn their overwhelming amounts of data into an overwhelming strategic advantage.

HVAC Manufacturer Curbs Excessive Discounting to Generate $10 Million
Multi-billion dollar, global heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems manufacturer
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A multi-billion dollar, global heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems manufacturer faced many challenges: an inability to monitor corporate price discounting guidelines, excessive discounting by sales reps resulting in lost revenue, and competition between regional sales offices for the same business. With PROS Scientific Analytics, this manufacturer generated more than $10 million by stopping over-discounting by sales.
Competitive Advantage from Big Data ... The Easiest Manufacturing Job You'll Ever Have
How do you account for the fluctuating costs of raw materials? How does increased competition affect sales forecasts? What are the best sales strategies for current market conditions? Outperforming manufacturers turn to PROS to help respond to these challenges and transform massive amounts of data into an asset that identifies go-to-market strategies for each business unit, sales channel, product group, and customer group.

How can you outperform with PROS big data apps for industrial manufacturers?

  • Empower your sales team to quote and negotiate deals with confidence.
  • Receive alerts to key market trends, generate up-to-date, targeted prices, and manage price exceptions.
  • Grow sales based on differentiated business strategies into each segment of your markets.
  • Stay up-to-date on current and competitive market trends, and deliver increased agility to your business.
  • Centralize sales and pricing data and manage all channels from one application.
  • Eliminate channel conflicts inherent to the industry through centralized pricing information.
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