Increase Profitable Growth with PROS Real-Time Big Data Apps for High-Tech Manufacturers

As a high-tech manufacturer, you operate in a fast-paced world. Do you have the market intelligence and operational agility you need to compete effectively? Outperformers do. These companies set the bar for the rest by relying on PROS solutions to help them grow profitability in any climate. Short product life cycles, increased competition, and eroding prices are no match for outperforming high-tech companies that use PROS real-time, big data applications to turn their big data into increased market share and profitability.

PROS Helps Achieve Rapid Margin Expansion with Faster, More Accurate Pricing
Multi-billion dollar, process monitoring products and services manufacturer
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A global manufacturer of process monitoring solutions knew that its fragmented and decentralized manual pricing practices were costing more than just time and effort. After implementing PROS scientific and big data apps, the company realized dramatic efficiencies in only a few weeks while working toward even greater growth in margins.
Beat the Competition with Data-Driven Decisions
Is your pricing strategy sound enough to capture the value you provide your customers? How do you sell in an environment with rapid innovation cycles? And how do you manage pricing throughout the life cycle? What's the best way to handle the threat of commoditization? Are you prepared for the impact of margin pressure driven by increased competition from low-cost manufacturers? PROS helps you proactively address these challenges through powerful market insights that give your sales and product teams the knowledge and confidence they need to close more deals at increased margins.

With PROS big data apps you can outperform in your markets:

  • Model price changes and forecast their impact on product line and sales goals.
  • Establish the right prices for product launch and manage pricing over time to maximize the value throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Be alerted to changes that can affect prices, such as currency fluctuations, raw materials, and competitive moves.
  • Empower your sales team with discounting guidance that lets them close deals faster, and at the right price.
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