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Outperform with PROS Real-Time Big Data Apps for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Outperforming consumer goods companies are undaunted by challenges like consumer price pressure, SKU proliferation and falling category share. They understand what it takes to compete and win in today's market. Companies that stand out among their peers in this space are those that transform their data into a competitive advantage. PROS helps them mine their data for insights and understanding of industry trends, giving their category teams a huge advantage over the competition. Our real-time big data applications help consumer goods companies turn big data into increased market share and profitability.

PROS was awarded a 2015 Editors’ Pick Award by Consumer Goods Technology.
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Paper Maker Becomes an Outperformer with PROS Big Data Apps
NewPage Corporation
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To better compete, this leading paper manufacturer took a good hard look at its pricing practices. Manual processes and inconsistent data spread out across the organization were making it challenging to get a clear view into performance. See how this company overcame these challenges with a PROS pricing software solution that takes advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Technologies.
Big Data. Big Insights. Big Brands.
How do you contend with global competition and decreasing trade barriers? How do raw material cost fluctuations impact your bottom line? What are the implications of a sluggish economy and consumers with less disposable income? Outperformers turn to PROS to help them respond to these questions through market insights that give your product teams the knowledge and confidence they need to grow sales with increased profits.

With PROS big data apps you can outperform in your markets:

  • Plan, estimate and track the impact of returns from current and future trade spend.
  • Detect trends in the marketplace, including the effects of competitor activity, and turn them into a competitive advantage.
  • Optimize profitability through streamlined pricing tools that allow for rapid pricing and promotion changes.
  • Gain visibility into specific channel-profit drivers and partner margins down to the shelf level.
  • Manage profitability smarter by consolidating price and margin data.


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