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Food and Beverage Pricing Strategy Solutions for Modern Commerce

PROS is partnering with food and beverage suppliers to help guide their modern commerce strategies powered by dynamic pricing science. With technology rapidly changing, traditional ways of managing your data and customers—like spreadsheets—are no longer sustainable. Today’s buyers are demanding a more personalized and frictionless buying experience.

When mapping out your path to full modern commerce adoption, address the most financially critical issue first: your pricing strategy. PROS industry expertise, dynamic pricing science and machine learning technologies significantly improves the buying experience and is generating substantial ROI for food and consumables companies.

Success Story

PROS Helps Food Company Search and Deploy a New Pricing Solution


BRF’s Search and Deployment of a New Pricing Solution

Ingredients of a Successful Pricing Project in the Food Industry

Through the 2012 acquisition of two industry leaders and continued business growth, BRF (formerly Brasil Foods) has emerged as the world’s seventh largest food company and number one in its home market, Brazil. With $15 billion of revenue in 2014 across 110 countries, 2000 SKUs and 10 distribution channels, the leader in frozen and processed foods, chicken and natural foods has generated sales growth from product innovation.


PROS Gives You the Ingredients for Success

In an industry that has been typically slow to adopt business-enabling technology, outperforming food manufacturers expect change and enable their sales and marketing teams with the technology that gives them (1) visibility into shifting market conditions, (2) guidance on how to address the changing landscape, and (3) the tools with which to execute those changes. Adaptability, agility and responsiveness are more important than ever to ensure your teams are aligned to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. The PROS solutions optimize margins within complex supply chain environments by balancing price and demand within operational constraints. The result is predictive insights for buy, make, and sell decisions, seamlessly integrated with price and quote execution.

With PROS cloud-based revenue generating solutions, you can:

  • Create and execute optimized pricing strategies that maximize margins while balancing your supply and demand constraints.
  • Coordinate raw material inputs, inventory, capacity, and demand forecasts to optimize product and channel mix.
  • Maximize margins for available capacity and maintain high utilization by guiding sales towards the right mix at the right prices.
  • Analyze forecasted demand, supply, and prices to make profitable decisions across your business.



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