Microsoft and PROS


The Microsoft-PROS Advantage

PROS provides big data solutions to optimize sales, pricing, quoting, rebates and revenue management. PROS and Microsoft work together to provide customers with a powerful combination of the companies’ key strengths:

  • Microsoft’s ubiquitous and easy-to-use software to provide the business insight infrastructure—including database software and reporting services, a collaboration platform to share actionable information, and powerful client-side analytics—that amplifies the value of that data.
  • PROS scientific, dynamic and feature-rich application functionality which connects to real-time data sources, and uses Microsoft software to provide the business insight infrastructure.

The combined strength of PROS and Microsoft – business leaders with a long-standing commitment to pricing and operational excellence – enables customers to improve control, visibility and agility, while realizing the most profitable pricing for market conditions. PROS delivers business-critical information in a familiar context, working seamlessly with multiple data sources and applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Announcing Validation of PROS Pricing Effectiveness Solutions Running on Microsoft Azure


Building on PROS’ strategic partnership and extensive experience with Microsoft Azure, PROS announces validation of the PROS Pricing Effectiveness Solutions running on Microsoft Azure. The enterprise-class performance of Microsoft Azure addresses global scalability demands and PROS can now offer our customers even more choice in terms of deployment options. 



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Cameleon CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics.

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