Leading Analyst Group Says Big Data Yields Big Results Through Sales and Pricing Effectiveness

HOUSTON – PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a world leader in pricing and revenue management software, today announced its newsletter featuring Gartner, Inc. that underscores the strategic importance of big data in CRM initiatives. The featured research note, written via collaboration among 10 Gartner analysts, titled “Big Data Yields Big Results Through Sales & Pricing Effectiveness,” emphasizes that organizations that fail to leverage the insights found in big data will miss opportunities to address customer and market needs.

The newsletter covers a broad range of topics, from sales performance and lead management, to e-commerce, price optimization, analytics, managing customer information and data management.

Gartner also identifies four major technology trends – the nexus of social, mobile, cloud and information – that will drive technology planning, investment and usage in 2012. According to the report, “Enterprise organizations are being challenged to adapt as these technologies, and the data that result from their adoption and deployment internally to the enterprise and externally with customers, expands exponentially.”

“Companies are constantly looking for the next source of competitive advantage. We consistently hear from executives who believe that data can be an asset that allows them to outperform,” said Patrick Schneidau, PROS vice president of product marketing. “With big data applications from PROS, business leaders are armed with the insights they need to make more informed strategic decisions to better serve their markets. Big data can also yield tremendous results for sales teams, who gain the confidence to compete and win, guided by insights and recommendations on how best to address their customers’ requirements. With PROS, they’re directed to opportunities that will close, products that will sell and prices that will win.”

Chris Fletcher, Gartner Research Vice President and lead analyst writes “Marketing and sales organizations are already feeling the effects of big data and are struggling to understand how to derive maximum value for the customer, while respecting customer privacy.

“Price optimization is one of the few CRM applications that has been able to – in reality, has almost been forced – deal with large volumes of data from multiple sources,” Fletcher continues. “Most of the available price optimization applications provide the deep analytic insight necessary to support the complex pricing analytics needed to support real-time pricing recommendations for direct and indirect sales channels.”

To obtain a copy of the newsletter, visit the PROS website.

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