Our airline customers often talk to us about the daily challenges faced managing their IT infrastructure. Travelers are changing the way they shop, leaning more on inspirational shopping to help plan their trips. Airlines are looking for new ways to market ancillaries and create more personalized offers.  The increase in these types of shopping queries is placing a huge strain on airline IT infrastructures due to significantly higher look-to-book ratios. Yet, 71% of airline IT spend is still tied up with maintenance of legacy systems and routine upgrades. With so much invested in maintaining the status quo, there is little left for innovation.

Along with changing travel customer preferences, businesses everywhere are racing to become digital and provide a more relevant customer experience. According to Gartner, 50% of businesses intend to be digital in the next 24 months. Airlines need to accelerate to the next era of innovation.

This is where the Cloud helps. Software-as-a-service is a future-proof platform that allows airlines even more control and flexibility with content distribution. Deploying SaaS-based airline revenue management software means airlines can count on faster innovation, resolution time, and worry-free security and support.

Many airlines fear that migrating to Cloud is strictly a cost-cutting measure and could lead to the loss of jobs. However, once airlines migrate to the Cloud they can apply resources and energy, otherwise tied up in routine maintenance, to other business challenges and innovation centers.

A recent Airtime webinar breaks down the facts around Cloud. We also put together additional information including a checklist of things to consider when choosing a SaaS solution and FAQs covering security topics – an important consideration for airlines.

Cloud Checklist

What to consider when choosing a SaaS solution for your business:


-Response times
-Technical service reliability and availability


-Risk management
-Security operations

-Conversion support

-24X7 monitoring
-Customer portal
-Response times

If you are interested in learning more about Cloud Revenue Management for airlines, check out this link.