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Are your Sales Reps Motivated to Grow?

What’s the best way to get a donkey to move in the direction you want it to go?  A carrot or stick?  This delves into the deeper more complex question of the appropriate way of motivating a person or team towards a common goal.  Are the motivation tactics rooted in fear, or grounded in love and appreciation?   Many companies struggle […]

Are Airlines Escaping From The GDS Or Simply Falling Under Google’s Control?

Are Airlines Escaping From The GDS Or Simply Falling Under Google’s Control?

For decades airlines have untied their dependency to GDSs and showcased their product by developing their In parallel, Google was changing their rules and was adding Google Flights. Overtime the free traffic acquired through organic search dried up. Today, to paraphrase what Paul Hennessy – former Priceline CEO, said a year ago: ‘this is a paid world’ and each […]

: A One-of-a-kind Booking Tool for the World’s Most Iconic Aircraft, the Airbus A380

A One-of-a-kind Booking Tool for the World’s Most Iconic Aircraft, the Airbus A380

A dedicated metasearch for the A380 and its airline operators Airbus created the online booking assistant for travellers who love the superjumbo – the first and only flight search that presents flights to accommodate travellers’ preference for a specific aircraft model. For the first time you are free to specifically search for A380 operated flights, choose your own in-flight […]

Get in the Driver’s Seat and See How Smart CPQ Can Personalize Your Sales Process

Buying a car is easy and fun…said no one ever!  I don’t know about you but my experience with shopping ranges from easy process to an absolute nightmare!  I am a millennial and as one, I have done tons of research before I even go to any car dealerships so I tend to know exactly what car I want and […]

I’m Sold on Modern Commerce. Now What?

Andres Reiner, Brian Solis, Paul Greenberg and yours truly answer deep questions on modern commerce, customer engagement and the role of humans in an AI world. If you’ve been following our blogs recently, you’ve seen that modern commerce has been a major recurring theme, and one that received intense focus for three days at our annual Outperform conference in Chicago. […]

4 Success Factors to Shift to Direct Distribution

4 Success Factors to Shift to Direct Distribution

Distributing through NDC and bypassing GDSs can be the next gold rush for airlines. It is tempting to believe the promise of controlling the offer is good enough to succeed in that challenge, but making money actually requires leading-edge technology. A Sales Offer Creation Platform that Manages Massive Volumes at Low Cost Connect to a global metasearch or a large […]

Are You Ready to Compete on Customer Experience?

Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride! If you were at Outperform in Chicago today, you got a glimpse into the future that’s happening right now for companies with the vision to deliver a modern commerce experience to customers – frictionless, personalized and omnichannel. Even if you’re not sure yet what modern commerce means for you and your […]

Want to Succeed in Modern Commerce? Set the Bar Higher

How would your customers describe working with you? Are you the progressive disruptor – the “Uber” — in your market, providing a highly personalized experience and meeting them when, where and how they need you? Or – like many – are you stuck in the status quo, delivering a predictable experience that requires them to conform to the restrictions of […]

Getting Hands-On with Modern Commerce

When it comes to selling, do you have what you need to deliver a stellar experience, no matter where or how your customers choose to buy? If you can’t deliver a consistent buying experience across all your buying channels, if you’re slow to respond to quote requests, or you’re not sure how your customers value your products, maybe not. There’s […]

Must-Read for B2B Sales: Accelerate Your Journey to Modern Commerce

A modern commerce approach to B2B sales is critical to your profit margins, competitive differentiation, and customer experience, to name a few. But it’s not easy. Conversations about modern commerce can seem stuck at 30,000 feet, filled with emphatic statements (like the first sentence of this blog) but lacking any practical guidance on what to do about it. It’s our […]