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Shifting Pricing from Labor-Intensive to Strategically-Effective

For far too long, manufacturing and industrial distribution companies have dedicated resources and technology to achieve the goal of addressing price updates or change requests from their organization.  Their teams work long hours with disparate systems that have often been in place for decades to  satisfy the most basic requirement of executing price changes often with a basic Cost Plus […]

Measuring Sales Performance, Fully & Completely

This article was originally published by Xactly. How do you measure sales performance? Such a broad question. It’s so general that when asked, those tasked with answering usually shoot straight to goals and results—lagging indicators, primarily. Revenue per rep. Quota attainment. Or perhaps a bit deeper with win rate, deal size, or other traditional sales measurements. While these are metrics that must be […]

Modern Commerce and the Women’s Foodservice Forum: Times are Changing

One of the great gatherings of women in the food industry is the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Leadership Conference. It was my great honor to attend last week’s 2017 event, where thousands of women – and men – meet to network, learn, and discuss challenges facing the foodservice industry. The conference covered topics ranging from leadership development to industry issues. […]

Preparing the market for the Easter bunny’s chocolate rush

This story originally appeared on Food Dive. With more than 120 million pounds of Easter candy expected to be sold during the upcoming holiday, 70 percent will be chocolate. Equally as interesting, companies will manufacture 16 billion jelly beans and 90 million chocolate bunnies. Beyond the sugar rush, there’s no lack of interest in these delectable treats. It stands to […]

The Healthcare Debate Rages On: What Does This Mean for Healthcare Manufacturers and Distributors?

My colleague Jim Roe and I had the opportunity to attend the Health Industry Distributor Association (HIDA) Executive Conference last week in Florida. It was a great conference that brought together leaders from healthcare manufacturing and distribution for strategic discussions about the state of the industry and its current challenges. Considering the debate surrounding healthcare regulation in Washington D.C., the […]

Modern Commerce, Defined: The What, Why, and How of Today’s Most Critical B2B Strategy

Here at PROS, we talk a lot about “modern commerce.” It’s right there in our tagline: “Powering Modern Commerce with Dynamic Pricing Science.” But let’s be honest: modern commerce is one of those concepts that’s a little fuzzy. Is it like e-commerce? If not, what’s the difference? We tackle this question and more in our new e-book, Why modern commerce […]

Takeaways from the World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi! The lights, the architecture, the people! And conferences! I recently returned from a wonderful time at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi. The conference was dedicated to bringing together key stakeholders from the entire air cargo supply chain. The conference included more than 1,000 cargo leaders and more than 40 exhibitors. Topics included disruptions within the air […]

Are You Ready to Take Your Relationships to the Next Level?

While some of us may be trying to avoid the extravagant expectations of a Hallmark-exploited holiday and others of us gear up for February 15th (the chocolate lover’s Black Friday), forgive us while we get all gooey and take a moment to reflect on the wondrous beauty of our workplace love. No, no… we’re not talking about the girl or […]

The Cost of Inaction: Why a Modern Commerce Approach to Selling is Necessary to Maintain Growth – and Even Viability

I recently spoke with a building products manufacturer about the company’s future strategy and growth plans. Increased price transparency is affecting revenues, and, like many companies, they are concerned about Amazon displacing some of their traditional distribution partners. Without a strategic shift, the company is in danger of missing revenue targets and risks increased customer dissatisfaction. To help address these […]

A New Year is Coming for Food Service Manufacturing: Time to Re-evaluate the Status Quo

The definition of insanity is one of the most overused clichés of all times and I apologize in advance because yes, I’m about to use it once again as it seems to be an effective opener when one wants to address a problem or a challenge and initiate some sort of change. So here we go… “If you always do […]