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Commodity is a Dirty Word

Too often in class a student will say “I have a commodity. The market sets my price.” This is almost never true. What’s worse is if you believe it, then you’ve given up trying to make higher profits using pricing techniques. If you believe your product is a commodity, then it is very likely that some market segment also believes […]

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Airline Revenue Management Takes Flight in the Cloud

Our airline customers often talk to us about the daily challenges faced managing their IT infrastructure. Travelers are changing the way they shop, leaning more on inspirational shopping to help plan their trips. Airlines are looking for new ways to market ancillaries and create more personalized offers.  The increase in these types of shopping queries is placing a huge strain […]

Machine shop of metallurgical works indoors room

Why the Sales Experience Is Now the True Driver of Revenue Growth for Auto and Industrial Manufacturers

Manufacturing and automotive companies are increasingly focused on growth to stay ahead of the industry’s modern challenges. Global competition is changing the revenue generation landscape. The traditional route to meeting revenue goals has been investing in customer support, marketing, R&D activities and maintaining competitive pricing. Manufacturers are comfortable improving designs and getting products to market quicker, but they tend not […]

Close up EKG monitor in icu room

Pricing and Product Efficiency Challenges in the Med Tech Industry

Medical device price regulation is being threatened in India’s and Australia’s mixed private and public health care systems. In the U.S. Congress, a bill is being presented (although passage is far from certain) to create pharma and med devices price review panels in an attempt to end price gouging. This is a likely response to controversial price hikes for Daraprim […]

Gearbox cross-section, automotive transmission with sprocket and bearing mechanism for commercial trucks, SUV, cargo, and construction vehicles, selective focus

Why Sales Processes Need to Change in Automotive and Industrial Distribution

In an extremely fragmented automotive and industrial distribution market with heavy competition and low switching costs, relying on traditional sales tactics and processes can be fatal. In order to succeed in this new environment, distributors that still rely on low-tech, relationship-based sales processes will need to adopt modern commerce capabilities to meet today’s B2C-trained customers how and where they buy. […]

Lyon, France - January 25, 2016: Tesla supercharger station and parking in Lyon. Tesla is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars

Value-Based Pricing: Lessons from Tesla on Monetizing Innovation

Last week Elon Musk sent a memo to all of his employees stating, “If you can’t explain to a customer who paid full price why another customer didn’t without being embarrassed, then it is not right.” That statement reflects both Tesla’s commitment to the customer experience and its confidence in value-based pricing for its unique products. According to Musk, Tesla […]


AI for CRM and the Promise of Einstein

I am sure most of you saw the latest announcements around Salesforce Einstein. At his Dreamforce ’16 keynote, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about a world where Einstein will make artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities pervasive across the Salesforce Cloud. Einstein leverages all data within Salesforce — customer data; activity data from Chatter, email, calendar and eCommerce; social data streams such […]

Man pressing the button in the elevator interior

Waiting for the Lift: A Lesson on the Limitations of Rules-Based Software

I stayed in a hotel recently. This isn’t news, as I travel a lot. I’m usually pretty chill about most things that happen when living an airport-plane-uber-hotel-uber-office-airport-plane lifestyle, but something happened on this trip that really annoyed me. Picture this: A hotel of 23 floors with five elevators with only two of them only go to Floor 18 or above. […]

Choosing from good, better or best using a red pen on white board

Seth Godin is Wrong about Good, Better, Best

This post originally appeared on For years I’ve read Seth Godin’s blog, daily. He is awesome. In all those years I’ve never disagreed with him… until recently. Seth’s blog from August 30, 2016, is titled “Features and Marginal Cost in the Digital Age”. He provided the argument that good, better, best for hardware products was based on the marginal cost […]

Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital

Health Care Manufacturing: Do Your Customers Have X-Ray Vision?

If you are in health care manufacturing (medical devices and technology), do you miss the good old days of selling when your reps talked to clients they had long relationships with? Do you remember when clients were eager and ready to be educated and guided to purchase the latest and greatest you had to offer without much price sensitivity? Sadly, […]