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The Power of Analytics

We all know that analytics are a powerful tool, and in fact analytics have become an increasingly hot topic in the age of big data. We gather more and more data every day, but we are still trying to make heads or tails of that data. And analytics is not a new topic: Google Analytics has been around since late […]

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PROS Sets its Sights on the Windy City of Chicago

Chicago is our kind of town – one of the largest cities in the U.S. and one that’s renowned as a great international business center. And these are three among many reasons why we’ve chosen Chicago as the location for our global Outperform 2017 customer conference. With easy access for customers from around world, it’s an ideal host location. Even […]

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The “Amazonification” of B2B Buying Behavior: Are You Prepared?

If you have a smartphone, you have expectations of how you like to buy things. And by “things,” I mean “everything.” You want what you want, when you want it, how you want it. The now fully mature age of digital commerce allows us to not only buy how and when we want, it also allows us to conduct gratuitous […]

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Congratulations to Skytrax World Airline Awards Winners

On July 12, Skytrax announced its coveted World Airline Awards. Announced annually at the internationally attended Farnborough Airshow, the awards are a global benchmark of airline excellence and widely known as the Passenger Choice Awards. Winners are decided by passengers across the globe, who each year take part in the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey. This year, Emirates took […]

Simple Venn Diagram of two overlapping circles in shiny metal.  Circles can be labeled and colors are easily adjusted.

How Pricing and Rebate Management Overlap

There is a question I get asked a lot.  It’s about the difference in technology providers for pricing and rebate management.  Who does what, what are the strength of the various offerings, and so on. In pricing, we often talk about how rebates are an effective method of driving good behavior by customers.  This is particularly common in the area […]

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Optimality or Profit Maximization? Making the Fine Line Manageable in the Travel Industry

There’s a common point of view in divining profit maximization for the travel industry that only perfection of inputs, models and outputs provides the right answer in revenue management. For those of us who are over-achievers, perfect always sounds like the right answer. The fact remains: Modeling human behavior is an imperfect science and simply isn’t possible. So if 80% […]

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Survey Shows Mixed Results on Pricing Maturity in the Manufacturing Industry

How does your organization rate on the pricing maturity scale? That’s a question the European Pricing Platform (EPP) recently asked of several hundred European manufacturing companies in its second Pricing Maturity Survey. In 2013, the first Global Pricing Maturity Study from the EPP showed that many organizations were proficient in handling the basic functions of pricing. However, most pricing teams […]

Woman driving and holding a coffee cup

Gas Station Coffee and Promotional Pricing

Earlier this week, we ran a post about some of the challenges facing the coffee industry. In the spirit of that post, I would like to contribute a coffee-flavored story about pricing and promotions. I live in a small town of about 3000 in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  The town is just south of I-90. We […]

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Maintaining Revenue Growth when Supply Chain Troubles are Brewing

Brace yourself coffee lovers. There’s trouble brewing for your morning cup of happy if coffee production worries pan out. While global demand for caffeinated beverages is rising, it’s reported that warming temperatures in Brazil and Central America are threatening crops. Scientists predict that nearly 80 percent of the region that grows the most popular type of coffee, Arabica, will become […]

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The Cost of Inaction: Pricing Trends You Can’t Ignore

The corporate pricing function has reached a turning point. A potent cocktail of technology, market volatility, and far savvier buyers is turning the pricing practice upside down. Companies that ignore the shifting winds are potentially putting their growth goals and competitive advantage at risk. Below are five key pricing trends that B2B companies and their pricing teams cannot afford to […]