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If ‘As-A-Service’ is the New Mindset, Dynamic Pricing Science is the Magic

Gartner reports that by 2020, more than 80% of software companies will change their business from traditional license and maintenance to subscription. As companies flock to the ‘as-a-service’ business model in record numbers, it becomes more important than ever for business leaders to get pricing right.   When sales negotiations were limited to a single transaction, you had less to […]

Microsoft Envision and Ignite

The Power of Partnerships: PROS Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite & Envision

Attending Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Envision last week in Orlando only offered further confirmation that PROS has chosen a partner who is prepared for the digital disruptions that lie ahead. From the opening keynote of Ignite, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made it clear that Microsoft is committed to building the infrastructure needed to prepare its partners and customers for the […]

Weathering Healthcare’s Pricing Perfect Storm

Industry consolidation, regulation and new levels of transparency put incredible pressure on healthcare manufacturers. Today, healthcare purchasing professionals are in charge; it’s no longer a manufacturer-led sales process. And even the perception of raising prices creates a backlash from customers. Healthcare Manufacturers Face a Pricing Perfect Storm Savvy procurement professionals now drive purchase decisions, once dictated by doctor preference, to […]

Healthcare industry purchases

What to do when doctor preference doesn’t matter to procurement

If you’re in the medical manufacturing industry, over the last few years you’ve seen a big shift. Doctors are no longer calling the shots, at least when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Purchasing has shifted to procurement departments and GPOs that are hyper-focused on driving down costs, and sometimes it seems that quality is taken for granted. You don’t […]

Your Journey to Modern Commerce, Part 3 – The 3 Pillars of Competitive Advantage

This post is a part of the “Your Journey to Modern Commerce” series. See also Part 1 – Meet the New B2B Buyer and Part 2- The Very Real Risks of the Status Quo. We’ve written rather extensively about our commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on the state of modern commerce in today’s business environment. There’s a good reason for that: […]

5 Ways Distributors Can Sell More to Existing Customers

In Modern Distribution Management’s wholesale distribution industry outlook earlier this year, nearly 60 percent of wholesaler-distributors said they planned to grow revenue by focusing on sales opportunities within existing customers.Expanding wallet share will always be one of the best growth strategies for distributors in this increasingly competitive market. We worked with one specialized distributor who empowered their sales organization with […]

Selecting a Solution Provider: An IT Perspective

There’s no question that choosing a solution partner is challenging. Most organizations establish stringent guidelines with the goal of ensuring they have the right solutions – and the right partner – for their projects. Choosing the right solution partner can often mean the difference between a project’s success or failure. There are myriad risk factors in play: demanding business requirements, […]

Your Journey to Modern Commerce, Part 2: The Very Real Risks of the Status Quo

In our personal lives and at work, we all suffer from something called the status quo bias. In a nutshell, the status quo bias makes us prefer to keep things the same, either by doing nothing or by sticking with a decision that we already made. It’s a persuasive little critter. The risks of the new seem infinitely worse because […]

Can Container Shipping Businesses Right the Ship?

A few months ago, my colleague Ben Blaney talked about the collapse of the ocean container shipper, Hanjin. Ben dug deep into how shippers are actively engaged in a price war while the Cargo, Freight and Logistics industry as a whole continues to lose money. Of course, this isn’t new, as BBC recently published a fascinating look into the shipping […]

The Grey Market Risk You CAN Avoid

Remember the dotcom era when everything was moving at a frenetic pace? It seemed like everywhere you turned, shady brokers were popping up overnight to take advantage of the new ecommerce and internet craze. Today, grey market risks for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at times seem eerily similar. Just like that era, you may feel like there’s not much you […]