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AI for CRM and the Promise of Einstein

I am sure most of you saw the latest announcements around Salesforce Einstein. At his Dreamforce ’16 keynote, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff talked about a world where Einstein will make artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities pervasive across the Salesforce Cloud. Einstein leverages all data within Salesforce — customer data; activity data from Chatter, email, calendar and eCommerce; social data streams such […]

Man pressing the button in the elevator interior

Waiting for the Lift: A Lesson on the Limitations of Rules-Based Software

I stayed in a hotel recently. This isn’t news, as I travel a lot. I’m usually pretty chill about most things that happen when living an airport-plane-uber-hotel-uber-office-airport-plane lifestyle, but something happened on this trip that really annoyed me. Picture this: A hotel of 23 floors with five elevators with only two of them only go to Floor 18 or above. […]

Choosing from good, better or best using a red pen on white board

Seth Godin is Wrong about Good, Better, Best

This post originally appeared on For years I’ve read Seth Godin’s blog, daily. He is awesome. In all those years I’ve never disagreed with him… until recently. Seth’s blog from August 30, 2016, is titled “Features and Marginal Cost in the Digital Age”. He provided the argument that good, better, best for hardware products was based on the marginal cost […]

Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital

Health Care Manufacturing: Do Your Customers Have X-Ray Vision?

If you are in health care manufacturing (medical devices and technology), do you miss the good old days of selling when your reps talked to clients they had long relationships with? Do you remember when clients were eager and ready to be educated and guided to purchase the latest and greatest you had to offer without much price sensitivity? Sadly, […]

Ship with containers aerial view in San Francisco

Is Hanjin Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Pricing Problems in the Container Shipping Industry?

It seems that an ocean-going container shipper has collapsed. Korea-based Hanjin, one of the world’s top ten shippers in terms of capacity, has run aground with many of its at-sea container ships unable to dock at their destinations for fear of seizure. This came to my consciousness for a number of slightly wonkish reasons. First, I’m quite interested in containers, […]

Friends toasting with fresh juice at dinner table

Why Food Manufacturers Need to Challenge the Status Quo

Across the food and beverage industry, industry competition is fierce, margins are thin and executive growth expectations are high. To support the increased cadence of decision-making, food manufacturers need to put more focus on sell-side technology to retain market share and grow the business. Closing business is a never-ending battle and sales teams closely guard their customer relationships. In the […]

Chester, UK - March 15, 2015: British pounds, 5, 10 and 20 pound banknotes.

How Will Brexit Affect Price in the UK Market?

It’s been two months since UK voters chose to exit the European Union. After an initial flurry of intense speculation, heated commentary, and a short period of British political turbulence, much of the world press has turned their attention to the next spectacle. However, certain Brexit realities remain: the current conservative government in Westminster is committed to moving – more […]

Starting point with running track lane Numbers, Concept for sport idea

Searching for Normalizing Metrics in the Olympics Medal Count

It’s the Olympics, that quadrennial spectacle that enthralls most of the world for its duration. There are many things to admire about the event: the participants, the fans, or even the media coverage. I was looking at the medals table, and it got me thinking about two things: performance and normalizing metrics. Let me explain. At time of writing, the […]

Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle, team support and help concept

The New Buying Journey: Your Customers are Segmenting You

If you read this post, then you may have seen this coming. In order to get a clearer picture on this topic, let’s take a journey into to the minds that drive every aspect of our business initiatives: buyers. Buyers are you and me, and sometimes we aren’t aware that we are practicing the very things individually that are influencing […]

businessman builds a stairs

CPQ: What Does it Really Mean?

Too often, when companies embark on a project to determine which (if any) Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution is best for them, they come to the conclusion that CPQ really stands for Confusing Plethora of Questions and their frustration with the project stalls the project.  To avoid this, let’s define what each of the letters in CPQ really stand for […]