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deep discounting

Is A Lowest Price Mentality Corroding Your Business?

When it comes to quality and value, you get what you pay for. But when your company uses low pricing as a positioning strategy and competing on the lowest price, you run the risk of training buyers to expect a quality product at a price less than it’s worth. By embracing a lowest price mentality, you’re encouraging buyers to equate […]

sales processes

Don’t Let Inefficient Sales Processes Dry Up Your Pipeline

Sales numbers had been looking great over the past year — until you hit that last quarter. The sales team put up a fight but ultimately failed to meet the quota, and your quarterly revenues went way down. What happened? The problem could be that you have a gap somewhere in your sales pipeline. Managing that pipeline is essential for […]

discounting tactics

7 Discounting Tactics That Don’t Put Your Pricing Strategy At Risk

Excessive discounting is a sure way to undermine revenue and weaken the perceived value of your products and services, because it distorts the relationship between price and quality. That’s why many companies are turning to pricing strategy and price optimization technology to control excessive discounting. But does that mean all discounting is evil? In B2C sales, discounting that’s too steep […]

4 Ways The Right Pricing Strategy Improves Sales Team Effectiveness

The business benefit of a strong pricing strategy comes from how it supports your sales team in customer engagements, increasing their ability to win deals. And by “win,” we’re talking about a win for both sides: giving customers the value they need at a price point that captures the true worth of the product or service your products provide. But […]

The Insanity of List Prices: Where Are You Going Wrong?

One of the most common practices in the B2B pricing world is increasing list prices every year. In truth, pricing directors should cringe when they hear this: “We increase our list price 5% every year.” What’s so bad about these blanket increases? If list price customers only make up a small percent of your total revenue, does this really affect […]

competitive pricing

Pricing and the Competitive Landscape

Usually when we use the phrase “the competitive landscape,” we’re looking to enter a market and trying to decide how it looks. Is this a market where we want to play or not? Pricing offers a unique perspective on this question. First, remember that costs are essentially irrelevant to pricing. What really matters is how much customers are willing to […]

sell on price

If We Make It About Price, We Force The Customer To Make It About Price

This post should be filed under the “I’m not creative enough to make these stories up.” A close friend is VP of Procurement for a very large multinational. This morning we were catching up on a number of things, and he mentioned three very large vendor negotiations he had just completed. I should have guessed what he was going to […]

Scientific Selling: Deals That Close & Products That Sell

Scientific segmentation is a powerful approach that can transform your marketing strategy. In fact, your marketing planning process may well be revolutionized by some of the findings you uncover from your segmentation process. With a strong marketing position and an executable marketing mix strategy, the process can proceed to the next step: scientific selling. This is the last step of your […]

pricing optimization is for winners

Pricing Optimization Is For Winners — So, What’s Holding You Back?

Want to be a best-in-class company? Use pricing optimization solutions, suggests new research from the Aberdeen Group. According to the survey, 50 percent of best-in-class companies are using pricing optimization software, compared to 35 percent for the industry average and only 24 percent of the lowest-performing companies. If this technology correlates so strongly with high performance, why aren’t more companies using […]

pricing leaders

5 Key Qualities Of Pricing Strategy Leaders

Having an excellent pricing leader makes a real difference in the success of your organization’s pricing strategy. As your company’s chief pricing strategist, he or she needs to combine technical, analytical skills with a keen understanding of how to create and shape workplace culture. How do you find someone like this? When your organization is selecting pricing leaders, here are […]