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Is Increasing The Amazon Prime Subscription Cost A Smart Pricing Strategy?

Amazon Prime members talk about the service like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, with unlimited two-day shipping, free streaming content and more for $99 a year. So when Amazon recently announced plans to hike the membership dues, its pricing strategy stirred public backlash, according to The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch blog. For nearly a decade, Amazon has offered its Prime […]

price and sales optimization

Navigating the Road to Price and Sales Optimization

This is the second blog in a series that discusses the key findings in Gartner’s MarketScope for Price Optimization and Management (PO&M) Software for B2B: 2013. Gartner Key Finding: Managing price optimization through internally developed spreadsheets and database tools is no longer viable. The increasing sophistication and capacity of the analytic, data, and application tools used for PO&M are increasing […]

guided selling

The Path Best Traveled: Utilizing Guided Selling in a B2B Framework

Earlier blogs have laid substantial groundwork for the business value and tactical approach toward deploying true data science in what used to be a Wild West, dog-eat-dog business environment — professional B2B sales management and customer maintenance. Contemporary Sales Operations leaders are now taking point on creating a Big Data-driven, customer-centric approach to developing, upselling, and cross-selling into long-term customer relationships. As a result, […]

selling with science

Elevating the Art of Selling with Science: Sales Reps Suffer from Data Overload and Information Scarcity

Googling “The Art of Selling” returns 4.68 million hits. “The Science of Selling,” on the other hand, returns 1.28 million. I’m a believer that there is an art to effectively selling, but this simple search underscores the fact that business professionals place a lot more emphasis on the soft side of selling rather than the science of selling. Sales representatives are confident […]