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pricing optimization is for winners

Pricing Optimization Is For Winners — So, What’s Holding You Back?

Want to be a best-in-class company? Use pricing optimization solutions, suggests new research from the Aberdeen Group. According to the survey, 50 percent of best-in-class companies are using pricing optimization software, compared to 35 percent for the industry average and only 24 percent of the lowest-performing companies. If this technology correlates so strongly with high performance, why aren’t more companies using […]

pricing leaders

5 Key Qualities Of Pricing Strategy Leaders

Having an excellent pricing leader makes a real difference in the success of your organization’s pricing strategy. As your company’s chief pricing strategist, he or she needs to combine technical, analytical skills with a keen understanding of how to create and shape workplace culture. How do you find someone like this? When your organization is selecting pricing leaders, here are […]

Is Your Sales Team Slowing Down Your Business? CPQ Can Make the Difference

How has your business changed in the last five years? Are you selling more products and bundling them in new ways? Are new customers reaching you though new channels – the Internet, independent reps, inside sales, partners? Has your business expanded to include far-off locations in different time zones, where different languages are spoken? Are your customers more savvy and […]


Is Increasing The Amazon Prime Subscription Cost A Smart Pricing Strategy?

Amazon Prime members talk about the service like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, with unlimited two-day shipping, free streaming content and more for $99 a year. So when Amazon recently announced plans to hike the membership dues, its pricing strategy stirred public backlash, according to The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch blog. For nearly a decade, Amazon has offered its Prime […]

price and sales optimization

Navigating the Road to Price and Sales Optimization

This is the second blog in a series that discusses the key findings in Gartner’s MarketScope for Price Optimization and Management (PO&M) Software for B2B: 2013. Gartner Key Finding: Managing price optimization through internally developed spreadsheets and database tools is no longer viable. The increasing sophistication and capacity of the analytic, data, and application tools used for PO&M are increasing […]

guided selling

The Path Best Traveled: Utilizing Guided Selling in a B2B Framework

Earlier blogs have laid substantial groundwork for the business value and tactical approach toward deploying true data science in what used to be a Wild West, dog-eat-dog business environment — professional B2B sales management and customer maintenance. Contemporary Sales Operations leaders are now taking point on creating a Big Data-driven, customer-centric approach to developing, upselling, and cross-selling into long-term customer relationships. As a result, […]

selling with science

Elevating the Art of Selling with Science: Sales Reps Suffer from Data Overload and Information Scarcity

Googling “The Art of Selling” returns 4.68 million hits. “The Science of Selling,” on the other hand, returns 1.28 million. I’m a believer that there is an art to effectively selling, but this simple search underscores the fact that business professionals place a lot more emphasis on the soft side of selling rather than the science of selling. Sales representatives are confident […]