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CPQ tool

3 Ways To Speed Up Your Sales Process And Make Customers Love You

When Henry Ford established the concept of the eight-hour workday, he essentially developed a three-shift day to support his business model. This industrial timing has carried over into today’s work environments, even though the way we work now differs substantially from Ford’s day. Today’s businesspeople are often expected to manage their professional lives 24/7 and be responsive anytime, anywhere via […]

cpq solution

How a CPQ Solution Helps You Become A Trusted Partner

Today’s customers are looking for ways to streamline their business and increase purchasing power by reducing the number of suppliers and working with a few trusted partners. To start positioning yourself as a trusted partner, instead of a commodity provider, you need to create offers that are relevant, comprehensive and accurate, and deliver them in a way that demonstrates your […]

distribution channel

5 Sales Process Tips For Opening A New Distribution Channel

Planning to open a new distribution channel? That’s a good way to cover a greater portion of your addressable market. Just don’t make the mistake of expecting to see results overnight, especially if you haven’t taken the time to implement the appropriate sales processes for each of your sales channels. A company typically has three main sales channels: a direct […]

configure, price, quote software

Shifting Into Hyper Drive With Configure, Price, Quote Software

Imagine you’re at the airport to catch an early morning flight. The lines are already backed up as people go through the increasingly elaborate process of getting through security. But you walk right past that line. An agent takes your bags to the front of the conveyor belt for the scanner and tells you, “Have a nice flight!” That’s the […]

sales effectiveness and productivity

Key To Sales Effectiveness: Knowing Customer Needs Before They Do

In the B2B space, delivering a great product in response to a customer’s business problem is essential for sales effectiveness and productivity. When companies fail to align their product offers with customer needs, they soon fall by the wayside. But the challenge for many sales organizations is how to look beyond what customers say about their pain points … and […]


Does Your Sales Process Discourage Cross-Selling And Upselling?

When your sales process includes guided cross-selling and upselling tools, you’re able to provide a better experience for customers while also increasing revenue. For instance, imagine you’re browsing on Amazon for a fitness tracker. The site’s sales process includes automatic cross-selling and upselling tools that show you additional items under headings like “frequently bought together” and “customers who bought this […]

B2B Sales Effectiveness

Why Sales Effectiveness Is Key To ‘Trusted Partner’ Status

When it comes to B2B sales effectiveness, the underlying goal is to move from being a commodity supplier to a trusted partner, as there’s a big upside in terms of reaching your sales target. Companies acting as an approved supplier are hitting their plans about 86 percent of time, according to a study by Accenture. But those that move from […]

sales productivity

7.5 Tips For Maximizing Sales Productivity

Any company would love for its sales team to produce more revenue without the added expense of having to hire more people. With that in mind, let’s define what we mean by sales productivity: It’s your sales team’s ability to generate the revenue numbers and margin that your company needs. And there are several ways to increase that ability, especially […]


Are You Investing To Keep Your Selling Advantage?

Investments in CRM are paying off. Companies are seeing measurable improvements in streamlining of the forecast process, improved sales rep/sales manager communications and reduced administrative burden on the sales team. Although good news, you only get a moment to bask in the glory and now have to answer the question: What’s next? Companies like Gartner track technologies. For CRM, they […]

profit optimization

Align Your Sales Processes, Avoid Channel Conflict, Grow Profitably

Interested in buying the new 16 GB Apple iPad Air 2? The price is $499 — period. Whether you buy it from Apple’s website, your local Apple Store or a retailer like Best Buy, you’re going to pay $499, as there isn’t a cheaper price out there. That’s because Apple has managed to keep its pricing exactly the same across […]