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cpq solution

How a CPQ Solution Helps You Become A Trusted Partner

Today’s customers want to streamline their business and increase purchasing power by working with a few trusted partners instead of multiple suppliers. CPQ tools help you deliver relevant, accurate, comprehensive offers, and present them in a way that demonstrates your professionalism.

distribution channel

5 Sales Process Tips For Opening A New Distribution Channel

Planning to open a new sales channel? That’s a great way to cover more of your addressable market. Just don’t expect results overnight, especially if you haven’t taken the time to implement the appropriate sales processes for each of your sales channels. Learn five tips for long-term success when opening a new channel.

configure, price, quote software

Shifting Into Hyper Drive With Configure, Price, Quote Software

If you provide an intuitive, elegant customer experience, people are glad to pay — and tell their friends about the amazing experience they had with your company. But if you don’t meet those expectations, they can be equally as vocal about the negative experience while quickly finding another business partner. Speed is the new currency of business, and CPQ tools offer improvements in quote time that help you provide an exceptional customer experience.

sales effectiveness and productivity

Key To Sales Effectiveness: Knowing Customer Needs Before They Do

Delivering a great product in response to a customer’s business problem is essential for sales effectiveness. When companies fail to align product offers with customer needs, they soon fall by the wayside. The challenge for many organizations is how to look beyond what customers say about their pain points … and get to what they actually mean.


Does Your Sales Process Discourage Cross-Selling And Upselling?

When reps use cross-selling and upselling effectively, it helps drive revenue and provide comprehensive solutions to customers. But overly complex processes may discourage reps from pursuing these opportunities. Learn how using CPQ drives sales productivity, increases average deal size and improves the customer experience.

B2B Sales Effectiveness

Why Sales Effectiveness Is Key To ‘Trusted Partner’ Status

When you’re thinking about B2B sales effectiveness, the underlying goal is to move from being a commodity supplier to a trusted partner — there’s a big upside in terms of reaching your sales target. Here are five ways to improve your effectiveness by standardizing and automating your lead tracking, quoting and order management.

sales productivity

7.5 Tips For Maximizing Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is the ability to generate the revenue and margin your company needs. Any company would love for its sales team to produce more revenue without the expense of hiring more people. Here are 7.5 tips for maximizing your sales team’s productivity using sales effectiveness technologies, such as price optimization, CRM and CPQ.


Are You Investing To Keep Your Selling Advantage?

Your investment in a CRM solution is paying off. The sales team is far more productive and effective. But you can’t stand still because all your competitors now have or are adding the same capabilities. What’s the next investment you can make to help the sales team be even more productive and effective? Add CPQ with data-driven pricing guidance to your CRM platform for the next level of performance.

profit optimization

Align Your Sales Processes, Avoid Channel Conflict, Grow Profitably

Some companies are great at aligning sales processes across all channels — a highly effective way to protect margins and pricing. When you align multiple sales channels in conjunction with disciplined pricing, you’re able to effectively cover much more of your addressable marketplace, which is a fantastic opportunity to grow your revenue.

deep discounting

Is A Lowest Price Mentality Corroding Your Business?

When it comes to quality and value, you get what you pay for. But when your company uses low pricing as a positioning strategy competing on the lowest price, you run the risk of training buyers to expect a quality product at a price less than it’s worth. By embracing this lowest price mentality, you can potentially undermine the price/quality relationship, your customers’ satisfaction — and your business.