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profitability killers

Profitability Killers: 5 Signs Your Sales Team Needs To Refocus

When your sales reps pursue the wrong opportunities, it triggers serious repercussions for the sales organization and the company as a whole, from high rep turnover to limited profitability, lack of growth and customer flight. If you ask a sales rep, the right opportunities to pursue are big, easy and fast: opportunities with high value, high probability of success and […]

price strategy

Times Are Good. Why Work On Your Pricing Strategy Now?

When revenues are down, it’s clear that companies need a better solution. But how do you make a case for the value of a pricing strategy when revenues are up? While it’s easy to become complacent when business is good, remember that your competition is always coming up with new ways to gain market share. The competitive landscape is constantly […]

incremental revenue

7 Ways Agility Pays Off In Customer Retention And Incremental Revenue

Customer needs are constantly evolving, and your success with customer retention depends largely on your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Developing this kind of agility also results in new opportunities to build incremental revenue. First, let’s talk about what causes customer needs to change. There’s always some driver, such as changes in the marketplace, the competitive landscape or regulatory […]

negotiation skills

Are Lackluster Negotiation Skills Killing Your Bottom Line?

Most sales organizations put salespeople through some form of training to set standards for how they approach the market. But if your reps aren’t well trained for negotiating as part of the sales process, this shortcoming is going to have a negative impact on your profitability. In some ways, the preparation that leads up to the negotiation is as important […]

cpq and pricing guidance

3 Tips For A Better Sales Process With CPQ And Pricing Guidance

Today’s customers increasingly expect their suppliers to provide customized solutions for their business needs, driving a trend called “mass customization.” Adopting a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is a good first step toward improving your sales process, and many companies now also use configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology as a way to meet the growing demand for configured products and […]

manual pricing

Stop The Stress Of Manual Pricing With Software Solutions

With the pressure always on to reach the sales quota, reps typically want to spend as much of their time as possible on customer-facing tasks rather than administrative tasks, such as managing data as part of the pricing strategy. When sales reps must also generate their own reports and manually pull information from different data warehouses or reporting systems, it’s […]

configured products

Using CPQ To Drive Growth In 2015

If you expect your B2B company to grow in 2015, you’re hardly alone. But do you have the right tools and strategy in place? For successful growth, you need to focus on enabling sales, product innovation and understanding your buyer’s journey. No wonder many companies today are adopting Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools. According to a 2014 study by research […]

complex configurations

Navigating Complex Configurations With CPQ

For many companies, the main reason to purchase a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution is to become faster and more efficient in their quote creation process, and most companies that use CPQ are successful in reducing quoting errors and increasing sales productivity. But that’s just one of many ways to improve your sales process with CPQ. CPQ solutions are also […]

discount pricing strategy

Is Poor Discount Discipline Killing Your Credibility… And Your Brand?

As you approach the end of the quarter, you’ll often start to see a lot of discounts coming in from the sales team as reps scramble to meet their quotas at the last minute. If you’ve taken the time to properly develop and implement your pricing strategy, this discounting undercuts your prices, and could undermine an entire pricing initiative — […]

sales software

Is Your Sales Process Slowing Your Growth?

In the United States, companies are beginning to pursue growth opportunities, and we’re seeing cautious optimism in the business environment as we emerge from the economic malaise of recent years. Globally, research from the World Bank predicts that GDP will grow at 2.8 percent this year, 3.4 percent in 2015 and 3.5 percent in 2016. Is your company’s sales process […]