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Lufthansa Becomes First European 5-Star Airline

In the airline industry, there are a number of awards that rank global carriers across any number of categories. Among the most coveted of all are the Skytrax Awards, which annually assess carriers and their service rankings. The rankings are based upon a professional audit analysis of product and service standards, and each airline is rated using an international, unified […]

3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Modern Commerce

No matter what industry you’re in, if you think of the biggest ways your business is changing, it’s most likely in the buying experience – both in what customers expect and in the way that your company delivers. In our work with customers and partners, more and more companies are realizing they need to modernize their businesses to keep up […]

making money with merchandising

A 3-step Guide to Making Money with Merchandising

Over 80% of passengers today are ready to use one digital ID on their smartphones for as many travel activities as possible, from booking flights to passing through the airport. This is a fascinating statistic presented by IATA just a few weeks ago, during the last World Passenger Symposium in Barcelona. The digital revolution keeps changing the industry at a […]

Rethinking the Cargo Business

Trends That Are Driving Change in Cargo and Logistics

Modern commerce may have seemed like the latest buzzword when I first heard the term a year or so ago, but it aptly describes the trends we’ve been seeing for a while now in the transportation and logistics industry and what I’ve been hearing industry experts and customers describe over and over again at virtually every cargo and logistics event […]

Can Container Shipping Businesses Right the Ship?

A few months ago, my colleague Ben Blaney talked about the collapse of the ocean container shipper, Hanjin. Ben dug deep into how shippers are actively engaged in a price war while the Cargo, Freight and Logistics industry as a whole continues to lose money. Of course, this isn’t new, as BBC recently published a fascinating look into the shipping […]

Fulfilling the Airline Modern Commerce Fantasy

A few years ago Expedia published a study that found travelers visited up to 38 sites before booking a vacation. The list was broad and included  mobile, OTAs, metasearch engines and expanded over air, hotel, and other aspects of a trip. 38 sites! I’ve heard seasoned industry experts who clearly were baffled by that number. It seems far  too high. […]

Are Airlines Escaping From The GDS Or Simply Falling Under Google’s Control?

Are Airlines Escaping From The GDS Or Simply Falling Under Google’s Control?

For decades airlines have untied their dependency to GDSs and showcased their product by developing their In parallel, Google was changing their rules and was adding Google Flights. Overtime the free traffic acquired through organic search dried up. Today, to paraphrase what Paul Hennessy – former Priceline CEO, said a year ago: ‘this is a paid world’ and each […]

: A One-of-a-kind Booking Tool for the World’s Most Iconic Aircraft, the Airbus A380

A One-of-a-kind Booking Tool for the World’s Most Iconic Aircraft, the Airbus A380

A dedicated metasearch for the A380 and its airline operators Airbus created the online booking assistant for travellers who love the superjumbo – the first and only flight search that presents flights to accommodate travellers’ preference for a specific aircraft model. For the first time you are free to specifically search for A380 operated flights, choose your own in-flight […]

4 Success Factors to Shift to Direct Distribution

4 Success Factors to Shift to Direct Distribution

Distributing through NDC and bypassing GDSs can be the next gold rush for airlines. It is tempting to believe the promise of controlling the offer is good enough to succeed in that challenge, but making money actually requires leading-edge technology. A Sales Offer Creation Platform that Manages Massive Volumes at Low Cost Connect to a global metasearch or a large […]

Takeaways from the World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi! The lights, the architecture, the people! And conferences! I recently returned from a wonderful time at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi. The conference was dedicated to bringing together key stakeholders from the entire air cargo supply chain. The conference included more than 1,000 cargo leaders and more than 40 exhibitors. Topics included disruptions within the air […]