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Why Food Manufacturers Need to Challenge the Status Quo

Across the food and beverage industry, industry competition is fierce, margins are thin and executive growth expectations are high. To support the increased cadence of decision-making, food manufacturers need to put more focus on sell-side technology to retain market share and grow the business. Closing business is a never-ending battle and sales teams closely guard their customer relationships. In the […]

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CPQ: What Does it Really Mean?

Too often, when companies embark on a project to determine which (if any) Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution is best for them, they come to the conclusion that CPQ really stands for Confusing Plethora of Questions and their frustration with the project stalls the project.  To avoid this, let’s define what each of the letters in CPQ really stand for […]

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Swimming Downstream: How Contract Management Complements CPQ and Frictionless Commerce

In recent years, configure, price, quote (CPQ) has moved to the forefront in the arsenal of sales force automation tools available to sellers. The benefits of CPQ are very easy to identify: increased sales velocity, faster time to market with new products and promotions, easier sales rep onboarding, and with smarter variants of CPQ – guided selling, pricing guidance, and […]

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Three Sales Tips For Hitting Revenue And Profit Goals

Companies continuously look for ways to leverage revenue growth by getting scalability out of the sales organization and keeping field selling costs down. Many of them now measure sales performance in terms of both revenue and profit impact. In this environment, hitting your quota is a real challenge, one that requires a mix of discipline and sales effectiveness.

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A Few Interesting Stats on B2B eCommerce

Research stattistics underscore the reality that eCommerce capabilities will be a necessity for many B2B businesses going forward. In this new world, buyers expect that their customer experience will be the same, whether they’re interacting directly with manufacturers, partners, or reordering parts through a self-service portal.

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From Holograms to CPQ: How the Platform is Changing Technology Collaboration, Innovation and Ownership

Technology is shaping both business and society. It’s allowing us to be more agile and adapt to changing market dynamics.

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Deployment Is Only The First Step: Lessons Learned From A Major CPQ Rollout

Recently I was working with a large manufacturing company that just completed a pilot of its CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution. It was a four-month PROS Smart CPQ implementation and the initial pilot involved 50 sales users. The plan was to roll it out to an additional 1,000 sales users in six months. As part of the implementation, all the requirements for the full roll out were completed.

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Is the New Customer Buying Journey Impacting Deal Forecasting and the Customer Experience? CSO Insights Data Says Yes

CSO Insights recently released its 2016 Win More Analysis Report. The report, based on data from its 2016 Sales Performance Optimization Survey, provides some interesting observations as we move further into 2016. The first observations in the report, pulled from more than 500 responding firms worldwide, underscore the growing realization that the sales process is no longer the only major component of the deal cycle.

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What are the Key Metrics to Show CPQ Deployment Value?

You’ve evaluated, selected and deployed a CPQ solution. Now, it’s time to start proving why the purchase was worth it. Let’s imagine a scenario where it has been a little over six months since you have gone live. At this point, you hopefully have at least 75% of the intended user base — for the whole project or at least phase 1 — fully trained and on-boarded and you have two full quarters of data available for analysis.

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Three Critical Steps to Gain Support for your CPQ Transformation

To ensure your configure, price, quote (or larger sales) transformation investment gets the desired results, there are three essential change management steps you should follow. These steps are critical because CPQ is – at the end of the day – used by people with different needs and different expectations. If you want to maximize user adoption and success, you need to listen to your CPQ constituents closely and most importantly, early in the transformation process.

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