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An aircraft against blue sky

Airline Revenue Management Takes Flight in the Cloud

Our airline customers often talk to us about the daily challenges faced managing their IT infrastructure. Travelers are changing the way they shop, leaning more on inspirational shopping to help plan their trips. Airlines are looking for new ways to market ancillaries and create more personalized offers.  The increase in these types of shopping queries is placing a huge strain […]

Woman driving and holding a coffee cup

Gas Station Coffee and Promotional Pricing

Earlier this week, we ran a post about some of the challenges facing the coffee industry. In the spirit of that post, I would like to contribute a coffee-flavored story about pricing and promotions. I live in a small town of about 3000 in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  The town is just south of I-90. We […]

revenue growth blog

Maintaining Revenue Growth when Supply Chain Troubles are Brewing

Brace yourself coffee lovers. There’s trouble brewing for your morning cup of happy if coffee production worries pan out. While global demand for caffeinated beverages is rising, it’s reported that warming temperatures in Brazil and Central America are threatening crops. Scientists predict that nearly 80 percent of the region that grows the most popular type of coffee, Arabica, will become […]

triple dollar sign - red stencil text on a paper price tag against rustic wood

The Cost of Inaction: Pricing Trends You Can’t Ignore

The corporate pricing function has reached a turning point. A potent cocktail of technology, market volatility, and far savvier buyers is turning the pricing practice upside down. Companies that ignore the shifting winds are potentially putting their growth goals and competitive advantage at risk. Below are five key pricing trends that B2B companies and their pricing teams cannot afford to […]

Close up action shot of Teen boy swimming freestyle at swimming lesson.

Swimming Downstream: How Contract Management Complements CPQ and Frictionless Commerce

In recent years, configure, price, quote (CPQ) has moved to the forefront in the arsenal of sales force automation tools available to sellers. The benefits of CPQ are very easy to identify: increased sales velocity, faster time to market with new products and promotions, easier sales rep onboarding, and with smarter variants of CPQ – guided selling, pricing guidance, and […]

Business Team Seminar Listening Meeting Concept

The Risks of High Performer-Driven Sales Coaching

I like podcasts.  I suppose it’s because it feels productive while I’m unable to do much else – driving, sitting on planes, etc.  There are a few I like in particular, all of which I’d recommend: From Our Own Correspondent from the BBC,Surprisingly Awesome from Gimlet Media, and This American Life, from Chicago Public Radio. Today I listened to last week’s […]

CHICAGO, USA - 2010:  Cloud Gate, a mirrored bean shaped sculpture in Millennium Park is a popular attraction that amazes people with its panoramic reflections, as seen in Chicago circa 2010.

Observations from PPS Chicago: Price Elasticity, CPQ, and More

The Professional Pricing Society’s (PPS) annual spring conference in Chicago is the perfect playground for data-driven marketers, analytical pricers, and efficiency focused program managers. At the conference earlier this month, we talked about tactical methods for price improvement, discussed how to collaborate with sales, and challenged age-old economic theory. One question that came up in in a workshop I presented […]

5.13 blog Rising food costs_ new blog

Food for Thought: How to Ride out Commodity Dips and Surpluses in the Food Industry

Large global stockpiles and low crop prices have companies riding out volatility differently. While some food companies are enjoying higher profits amid a major milk surplus that sent milk costs plummeting, it’s not so easy for many ingredients and commodities manufacturers that are searching for stability to offset lower revenues due to oversupplied grain markets and lower global food prices. As […]

Young businessman checking mark on checklist with marker.

Making the Right Pricing Optimization Choice for Your Business

Often the most difficult step to take in improving your pricing strategy and performance is to admit you have a problem. If we are hitting our number, pricing isn’t really the biggest concern, is it? What is overlooked is how an automated, data science approach to pricing can not only reduce sales friction but also drive revenue and profit growth.

5.4 blog big sales_ blog new

Three Sales Tips For Hitting Revenue And Profit Goals

Companies continuously look for ways to leverage revenue growth by getting scalability out of the sales organization and keeping field selling costs down. Many of them now measure sales performance in terms of both revenue and profit impact. In this environment, hitting your quota is a real challenge, one that requires a mix of discipline and sales effectiveness.

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