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Price transparency is a growing concern for many businesses. Increasingly sophisticated buyers rely on more reliable price monitoring tools to build rich pictures of market pricing trends. The expansion of ecommerce as a core business model has exposed many companies’ market pricing and discount strategies.
Posted by Diana Zuzek on 10/08/2015

According to recent research from the Aberdeen Group, there has been 30% increase in sales teams reporting responsibility for bottom-line results in the last year alone.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 10/06/2015

A great way to make your quote-to-order process faster and more effective is to combine two systems: customer relationship management (CRM) and configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 09/30/2015

In the utopian world we heard about in college, we learned that there’s usually a direct relationship between the amount of business a company does with a customer and the margin on that business. The result in graph form ends up looking like your classic growth hockey stick reversed.
Posted by Mike Slavin on 09/25/2015

Airline profits are coming in strong for many carriers this year. And while these results are encouraging for the industry, what do carriers do with the profits? Where do they invest to ensure future profits?
Posted by Eric Kleiman on 09/22/2015

Day Three at Dreamforce means a crowded Cloud Expo, a full roster of interesting breakout sessions without the distraction of the main Dreamforce keynote, and of course the Dreamfest Gala. With record breaking attendance this year, it was a busy day both on the show floor and at the Gala, where Gary Clark Jr., The Killers, and the Foo Fighters played to a huge crowd. Below are some highlights from Thursday.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 09/18/2015

Day Two at Dreamforce is usually the day that the conference really goes into full gear and yesterday at Dreamforce ‘15 kept to form. Analytics had a very important role to play in Day Two’s main tent presentations, underscoring its growing importance to Salesforce and the partner ecosystem.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 09/17/2015

Dreamforce 2015 opened Tuesday to record crowds. The overarching themes for this year’s event expand on some of the major concepts and initiatives introduced in recent years, including the “Internet of Customers” and of course: Wave and the Analytics cloud.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 09/16/2015

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