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Sales numbers had been looking great over the past year — until you hit that last quarter. The sales team put up a fight but ultimately failed to meet the quota, and your quarterly revenues went way down. What happened? The problem could be that you have a gap somewhere in your sales pipeline. Managing that pipeline is essential for keeping a strong forecast, but being overly focused on sales forecasting often overshadows pipeline management. The forecast comes at the end of the sales cycle, and once those late stage opportunities have closed, you often find that you don’t have enough …
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/19/2014

Excessive discounting is a sure way to undermine revenue and weaken the perceived value of your products and services, because it distorts the relationship between price and quality. That’s why many companies are turning to pricing strategy and price optimization technology to control excessive discounting. But does that mean all discounting is evil? In B2C sales, discounting that’s too steep or too frequent sends the message to customers that a product isn’t worth full price. People that paid full price feel cheated if you start selling it the next week for 50 percent off. Apple …
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/18/2014

Imagine your sales team is meeting to review a list of 100 sales opportunities. Based on past experience, the sales leader estimates that typically two of those opportunities are going to become big wins and 10 are going to result in medium-sized deals. The rest are likely going nowhere. What’s the most effective way to use this list, if at all, to reach the sales quota? Approaches like simply starting at the top of the list and working your way down would be a poor strategy. True, you could end up encountering those two big wins right away. On the other hand, you’re just as likely to …
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/17/2014

When you’re quoting complex products or managing a long sales cycle, getting through the process is difficult for your sales team. CPQ tools with integrated pricing guidance are your best bet to help your reps shorten the sales cycle and deliver comprehensive, accurate quotes that win at the right price.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/11/2014

The problem with most sales forecasting is that it’s based on overly general customer segmentation and aggregated to a level that removes any useful insights. The key to improving accuracy and usefulness is to take advantage of segmentation that provides a new approach to sales forecasting.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/10/2014

The business benefit of a strong pricing strategy comes from how it supports your sales team in customer engagements. It increases their ability to win deals that give customers the value they need at a price that captures the value of the product or service you’re delivering. Here are four ways the right pricing strategy improves sales team effectiveness.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 12/09/2014

As you head to the grocery store this week to stock up on the necessities for your family’s Thanksgiving meal, you might be surprised and thankful to know that the full meal shouldn’t differ that much from what you paid last year. A recent CNBC article – “Talking turkey: Here's how much Thanksgiving costs this year” – indicates that the average Thanksgiving meal price rose by only 0.8 percent this year, while "typical price increases are more in the 1.5 to 2 percent range." Is this a surprise to you? When I looked at additional industry data, I saw that the consumer price index …
Posted by Doug Fuehne on 11/26/2014

Long-term business success is all about profitable growth. Sounds obvious, especially if you're a publicly traded company. Shareholders are looking for a return on their investment, and profitable growth provides it. Easy to understand – not so easy to make happen. It’s especially difficult in the advanced economy countries, where for the last few years, it’s been mostly about survival. Gross world product growth rates have reached 2006-2007 levels only one time since the 2008 slowdown. That one time was in 2010, when the world climbed out of the ditch from 2009. Today, companies…
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 11/19/2014

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