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When revenues are down, it’s clear that a company needs a better pricing strategy, but it’s easy to become complacent when business is good. Remember, the market is constantly changing and your competitors are always finding new ways to gain market share. That’s why your pricing strategy needs to be part of a continuous improvement process.
Posted by George Faris on 03/26/2015

Customer needs constantly evolve, and your success depends largely on your ability to adapt with them. There’s a great advantage in helping your customers meet these business challenges, serving as their trusted and agile partner. Learn seven ways that agility helps you capture incremental revenue and improve customer retention.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 03/25/2015

Your salespeople may be trained to present your products in a certain way, but preparation sets the stage for successful negotiations. Find out why providing negotiation-skills training is essential for your sales team’s effectiveness. To provide ongoing support, make sure that your sales management team has the requisite coaching training.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 03/24/2015

When you’re quoting configured products and services, delivering the quote quickly and accurately isn’t enough. You also need to close the deal at a price that works for the customer and your company. Find out how combining CPQ and pricing guidance technologies helps your sales team manage complex, configured products and create effective offers.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 03/19/2015

When sales reps must generate their own reports and manually pull information from different data warehouses or reporting systems, it’s highly time-consuming and stressful. Today’s pricing software reduces this burden, cutting staff time spent on analysis by 50 to 80 percent. That gets your reps back to what they do best: selling.
Posted by George Faris on 03/17/2015

If you expect your B2B company to grow in 2015, you’re hardly alone. But do you have the right tools and strategy in place? For successful growth, you need to focus on enabling sales, product innovation and understanding your buyer’s journey. No wonder many companies today are adopting Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 03/16/2015

Many companies purchase a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution to become faster and more efficient in their quote creation process. But CPQ solutions are also particularly effective in guiding customers, partners and your sales reps through complex configurations and helping them choose from a large number of possible products.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 03/12/2015

A lack of discount discipline is a real problem for many organizations. The right planning and pricing software help you redefine your strategy and implement workflows that support discipline. By adjusting your training procedures and compensation plan, you further ensure that sales reps focus on driving profitability and higher margins.
Posted by George Faris on 03/11/2015

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