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Reduce Time-to-Value in CPQ Software Implementation

The List of Four: How to Reduce Time-to-Value in CPQ Software Implementation

Last year, I helped start a new CPQ implementation with a customer that had been using a manual quoting tool. During kickoff, we discovered that while plans called for implementing CPQ for three product lines, the customer actually required CPQ for five additional product lines. We were told they had three distinct user groups – two more than we had […]

Distributor Pricing

Understanding Distributor Pricing Strategies

While markups and margins should be included in a distributor pricing strategy, just as important is a distributor’s ability to evaluate wallet share. Within a given account, wallet share is the comparison of known sales to other potential sales opportunities. In order to maximize profitability within a distributor pricing strategy and retain worthwhile relationships, segmenting and analyzing the customer base […]

Profit Margins & Pricing Markups in the Supply Chain

Back to Basics: Profit Margins & Pricing Markups in the Supply Chain

In the standard supply chain of manufacturer to distributor to retailer, one of the most consistent challenges is marking up prices so that companies return a profit while also staying competitive. The distributor level has the most variation. While they would prefer to buy in high volumes to keep prices low, distributors don’t always have that luxury. Distributor Pricing Dilemma […]

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Advance Modern Commerce Speed and Focus

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Advance Modern Commerce Speed and Focus

Timing and precision are everything when it comes to selling in today’s on-demand economy. While myriad factors contribute to overall customer satisfaction, the ability to provide instant gratification can have a lasting impact on both the customer and the bottom line. This month’s long-awaited debut of Amazon Go is yet another testament to the importance customers place on speed and […]

How Revenue Management Strategies Scientifically Prevent Losses

How Revenue Management Strategies Scientifically Prevent Losses

When discussing revenue management, the airline industry serves as the best example of industry-wide usage. First tested by BOAC (now British Airways), all airlines now use some type of pricing and revenue management service to sell tickets. Things like dynamic pricing and overbooking have become common to all airline consumers and both are a result of implementing revenue management optimization […]

Prices are Spiking, but are You Really Winning?

Prices are Spiking, but are You Really Winning?

The end of 2017 was a whirlwind for the transportation and logistics industry. Major hurricanes hit the United States shores shaking up routes and demand. The beginnings of driver shortages hit several companies, increasing capacity constraints across the country. Add to it the implementation of the ELD mandate and together it mixed for huge uncertainty for the trucking space. However, […]

How to Win Over B2B Buyer Blog

How to Win Over B2B Buyers

Remember the not-so-distant past when corporations had security concerns about employees wanting to use their own consumer-grade smartphones for work? Technology, convenience and personal preference began picking away at the company-in-control mindset. This movement showcased how consumer preferences infiltrated the corporate environment; in this case, how employees do their jobs on their device of choice. A new, related challenge for […]

ANA Named ATW 2018 Airline of the Year

ANA Named ATW 2018 Airline of the Year

One of the airline industry’s most coveted honors – the Air Transport World Airline of the Year – has been awarded to Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA). It’s the second time in just five years that the country’s largest and only five-star airline has won the magazine’s top honor. The ATW Awards, which began in 1974, recognize excellence in the […]

outpace the competition with modern commerce

Outpace the Competition with Modern Commerce

As we move deeper into the digital era – and companies such as Amazon continue to disrupt traditional ways of doing business – supply chains and commerce as we know it are rapidly changing right before our eyes. In fact, this week’s headlines reflect yet another knee-jerk reaction to this digital disruption. The CVS and Aetna merger is, in part, […]

Lufthansa Becomes First European 5-Star Airline

In the airline industry, there are a number of awards that rank global carriers across any number of categories. Among the most coveted of all are the Skytrax Awards, which annually assess carriers and their service rankings. The rankings are based upon a professional audit analysis of product and service standards, and each airline is rated using an international, unified […]