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If your sales reps have to wait a long time for proposal approval before they’re clear to deliver a quote to a customer, you’re at an extreme competitive disadvantage.
Posted by Nikki Caruthers on 06/25/2015

In the High Tech industry, just keeping up requires prolific innovation and product development. With continually newer products, it is common to assume selling product for minimal profit is better than spoiled inventory. Customers aware of this challenge use it to their advantage and pressure suppliers to the lowest possible price.
Posted by Craig Cousins on 06/23/2015

Imagine that a customer comes to you and needs a product with certain specifications within a certain timeframe. The customer just wants a quote that’s turned around quickly and easy to understand. But if your salespeople are not equipped with the tools they need to be responsive to these customers, your sales cycle slows down, and that often leads to lost business opportunities.
Posted by Doug Fuehne on 06/19/2015

Dreamforce is only three months away. For first timers and even veterans, navigating the world’s largest independent software vendor conference can seem overwhelming. What activities do I prioritize? What is my overall objective in attending?
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 06/16/2015

Most companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing and price management, only to end up with a price that works for no one. The key success is to move toward a data-driven pricing strategy that focuses on setting prices that win business for each of your customer segments.
Posted by Eric Petty on 06/11/2015

If you are a sales or sales operations leader, you are more than likely aware that you are operating in a buyer’s market. Unlike the cyclical changes in buyer and seller advantage we often see in markets such as housing, the buyer advantage in B2B sales unlikely to change any time soon.
Posted by Kate Visconti on 06/09/2015

For most sales organizations today, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform serves as the central hub for sales activity. Now, companies are finding ways to get additional value from a CRM by extending its capabilities into all aspects of sales performance management. Case in point: managing contract compliance.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 06/04/2015

Note: Steven Jones is presenting at the upcoming Webinar: Finding the Right AppExchange Solutions for Your Business, this Wednesday, June 3 at 9 am PDT. As VP of product development at SpringCM, I’ve learned that no matter how similar two customers, products, or use cases may appear, they are almost always contain some different principles and processes. These differences are what make companies unique, and in a lot of cases — successful.
Posted by Steven Jones on 06/02/2015

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