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Winning today requires looking at your business differently to understand your customers, their buying behaviors and the things that influence buying decisions. Instead of relying on your last sales hire’s gut instinct, use market-leading data science to analyze, predict and recommend how to personalize your offer to each and every opportunity. That’s the winning formula for sales and profit growth.

What does PROS data science offer that nobody else can?

Market-leading segmentation model to answer a specific questionPROS data science

With three decades of experience analyzing customer purchasing patterns, we know what it takes to use data science to build a segmentation that is unique to your markets. Because customer buying behavior can change with each transaction, we build a segmentation model to each individual question you may have:

  • How much is a customer willing to pay?
  • What other offerings are they most likely to buy?
  • Is my customer at risk of leaving?
  • Which prospects are most likely to be my next customers?
  • Where do cross-sell and upsell opportunities exist?

data science

Actionable data science-driven insights

Once we segment your customers and products into useful peer groups, what do you do? PROS provides not only the information you need to compare like scenarios, but also recommends which actions to take in each segment. In which markets do you have pricing power? What are your best cross-sell or upsell opportunities? Are any of your accounts purchasing less frequently, in lower quantities, or demonstrating other signs of churn? Let PROS be your guide.

Real-time price guidancebest science 3

PROS updates its models dynamically, meaning you get up-to-the second sales and pricing recommendations for each customer, product, and transaction, based on real-time price optimization. What complementary product is this customer most likely to buy? PROS knows. Which of your new opportunities is most likely to close? PROS knows. What is the best price for your new customer? Yep, we know that too.